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Moupp, The First Mobile Fan App for Bands and Artists

The first ever mobile app for bands & artists to market and promote themselves. The app alerts fans to notify them of their favorite bands at the right time and right place. Bands increase their fan base, expand their reach and increase earnings. releases the first mobile app for bands and artists to reach their fans. Moupp is a mobile promotions app for bands and artists. 
Moupp is a fully featured smart phone app that lets bands and artists connect to their fans and keep them informed of upcoming gigs, share videos, music and photos plus connect to their online music store. Moupp Live Alerts let fans know when and where artists are appearing and when they are nearby. Moupp allows fans to view tour dates, pictures, videos and listen to music in real-time. Combined with notifications and alerts, the app allows bands to be in touch with their fans at the right time and right place.  Moupp allows artists to get more fans, opportunities, gigs, and to increase their earnings.
For more information visit  Download the app from Google Play and the iTunes App stores by searching for Moupp.


About Moupp/Centergistic


Moupp is a wholly owned product-service from Centergistic Solutions, Inc.

With offices in the U.S., Mexico and the United Kingdom Centergistic Solutions Inc. are a product design, development and solutions company with roots in real-time delivery of information. With over 30 years of expertise in designing and delivering solutions Centergistic has pioneered some of the best practices in high-uptime software. 

Our Corporate offices are located in Irvine, California.




Media Contact

Ram Iyer, 

2112 Business Center Dr. , Irvine, CA 92612.

Ph: 949 222-4500




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