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Music Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing is a relatively new field in marketing that many artists and brands haven’t really adopted yet. With the vast majority of the American population owning a mobile phone, its surprising that many brands have yet to start using this medium as an option to reach consumers.

Mobile marketing is a great way for artists to keep in touch with their fans and notify them of when they are coming into their city. Since, mobile marketing is an addition to the many forms of marketing which are currently available in today’s landscape, it’s important that the mobile marketing doesn’t come off as a nuisance to the consumer. Musicians should carefully plan how they will utilize each form of marketing to reach consumers, and make sure that they don’t overlap, or else it could lead to bombarding the consumer through different marketing mediums.

So what is the best way to start your mobile marketing strategy? First off, if you have a website, you need to see if your website is mobile optimized. If your website isn’t mobile optimized then many of your fans who like to view websites on the go may be turned away because of the way the regular website appears in their device. If you have the budget, then I would recommend having a site specially built just for mobile phones. For others who may be on a tighter budget, there are many plug-ins available for free that will automatically make your website mobile friendly.

A second way to get your mobile strategy started is to see how you would like to communicate to your audience through this medium. In order to know this, you need to analyze your other marketing strategies and goals, and see if a mobile marketing strategy can complement your goals without be too disruptive. Some ways to reach consumers through mobile, is through notifying them of events via text message, setting up engagement via QR codes, or even exploring the option of building an app if you feel you have a strong enough fan base.

Every mobile marketing strategy needs to complement the other forms of marketing that you are currently executing, and should assist you in reaching your overall marketing goal. Mobile is just another great way to reach consumers.


I can be reached at @bonestx or @bbemarketing

Billy Bones is the Marketing Director and Founder of BBE Marketing, a digital entertainment marketing agency that provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Web Design services to clients within the entertainment industry.

Reader Comments (1)

Good advice here! years ago i tried selling digital downloads & promoting my shows through textango. Don't know why they dissappeared, but, i was really onto sumthing.... now there's a lot of new platforms out there that can help us independent guys/gals. I'm already back on board with this medium.... I post an update about the progress later :)

May 30 | Unregistered Commenterjgattling

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