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Life Coaching & The Music Biz

I’ve been working in the music industry most of my life. I’ve been working as an entertainment life coach for about a year. The 2 questions that I get asked the most are…1) What is a life coach? Well, that’s easy. A life coach helps you reach your goals easier and faster than you would on your own. 2) What does an entertainment life coach do? Well, with that question, I find , it is easier to give you a scenerio…

Let’s sat you’ve been studying voice.(or another instrument, or dance etc. Singer/songwriter is just an example) You’ve been working your butt off. Maybe you have one of the best vocal coaches on the planet. You can sing anything. You especially sound amazing when you sing the songs that you’ve written. You work with experienced co-writers and spend time and money going to workshops to make sure your song is just right! You go to other interactive workshops given by some of the best on-stage coaches in the biz. They work with you on how to create a magical show, with your beautiful songs and your kick ass voice. You’re ready to go! But wait….

You still haven’t addressed the fact that inside you are filled with doubt. Perhaps, you are terrified of failure? Or maybe the idea of success really freaks you out. Logically, you tell yourself that you are just creating problems. But, that only makes you feel worse. So, you walk around with a knot in your stomach. It could be that anytime there is more than 30 people in the crowd you freeze, or feel as though you are going to pass out while you are up there. Or you spend your time obsessing about how many people will even show up. It could be that you just feel silly and awkward up there on stage and don’t know how to tell anyone.

You desperately want to make that connection with your audience. This is all you’ve dreamed about and trained for but you can’t even make eye contact. You may remember hearing, when you were young, that being a performer isn’t a “real career” and if you aren’t making big $$$ it doesn’t count. Maybe you aren’t getting along with one of the band members and it’s really throwing off your concentration and confidence.

So now what? This is where I come in…(Thank goodness right? Just in the nick of time)I’m a trained coach, certified and everything who specializes in working with performers. I help artists like you cut through all that BS (for lack of better initials)and own the life that you’ve worked and dreamed about. I can help you get rid of any doubt or fear that may be standing in the way of you achieving those dreams, destroy any negative thinking and continue to grow artistically. Mostly, I can help you experience more joy throughout the entire process. When all is said and done, what else could matter more?

It isn’t therapy. I’m not going to take you on a long drawn out trip to your past to find out why you are who you are and then try to fix it. You aren’t broken…you don’t need to be put back together. Of course your past is part of who you are. But, I’m interested in helping you create the best “today” you can possibly have…and every tomorrow after. I truly want you to have this in your performing and every aspect of your life. 

If any of this resonates with you, contact me through my site. I give FREE (yes free) no strings attached consultations!!!

Susan Gabrielle is an entertainment life coach who works out of Nashville. She has clients in all aspects of the music industry.

Reader Comments (4)

I have to say that you never know when that knot will appear, or when you might find yourself tongue tied at the absolute worst moment, and dead air is a BIG no no when it comes to any type of broadcasting. The difference is how you can recover when it happens. Thanks for helping me with mine!! I do pay close attention when I am watching the news or listening to a radio broadcast. Simply because i am in the business and I can't help but listen. I can always tell the gifted journalist or broadcaster when a snafu develops during a live broadcast. Sometimes it just amazes me how smoothly they can transition through it to another topic. It can also be entertaining for the viewer and a major embarrassment for the person with the mic when the transition doesn't work out. But it is all entertainment, in one way or another. Still I am well aware of the all of the things that can happen every time I step up to a hot mic. I'm just more at ease about doing it now.

April 18 | Unregistered CommenterMike Hammond

I work with an entertainment coach/life coach. She gets me to dig much deeper into what I'm really feeling. This has had a real impact on my songwriting. I would recommend everyone who really takes this industry seriously to look into getting some kind of coach.

April 23 | Unregistered CommenterCallie Snow

Hi my name is Lindell and Iam writing from London u.k.
I was wandering what is the difference you feel between life catch in music or
Music manager or what used to call A&R. Do they cross over in terms of skills offered
And if so where. Thanks in advance Lindell

Good question, Lindell. A manager is supposed to on your side, hell or high water, if for no other reason other than you pay him. He SHOULD believe in you. He SHOULD see a future. Book gigs, get showcases, submit your music to publishers, labels, college radio, and then keep up with all the contacts. As a former senior A&R guy, I could not stand when bands would call or email to follow up, and this is one amateur mistake that a manager should be aware of. Many times, a manager is a life coach, or professional coach, as well as one who manages your career, or helping you attain a full time career.
An A&R guy is on your side only in the sense that you work for him. It is his job to make sure you put forth your best material on the album. Many times, an A&R guy will piss you off. It is not his job to babysit you, or make you fell loved, warm and fuzzy, welcome, or any of that mess. It is his job to make sure your band sells units, Not even does gigs, as gigs are not his business, but to sell your album, as this is the main revenue stream that you have for the label.
A producer, whom you seem to have left out of this equation, is kinda a mix of all the above. Many times, a producer is a babysitter, or an ego stroker, after the A&R guy left your emotions in shambles, or leaves you feeling like a teen-age girl with low self esteem. He will tell you your contract does not allow the label to just drop you without a buy out, or most albums do not sell well right out of the box, you have to hit the road to see sales and radio play increase, or anything of the like. It is a producer's job to get your absolute best performance out of the sessions. This may mean re-writes, re-phrasing, or new songs altogether. This also means reworking almost all of your material, almost all of the time. He is, in fact, the 5th, 6th, or 7th member of your band, after all.
Any questions, feel free to contact me.

April 14 | Unregistered CommenterGerald Roberts

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