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Singrush - Promote Your Music For Free

Singrush is the hottest and fastest rising music hosting and promoting website, free for all to sign up. is a competitive platform for independent and unsigned music artists to be promoted. At Singrush, artists, fans, producers, and industry professionals join together to showcase, listen, and discover the best new music. Singrush encourages all aspiring music artists to follow their dream in music. Our objective is to bring attention to artists, while having the artists compete against others in their genre to create a pathway towards musical success.

At Singrush, we understand the difficulties artists experience from not getting people to listen to, and buy their music. Artists spend hundreds, and even sometimes thousands of dollars on equipment, studio time, merchandise, and burning CD’s to hand out in public. Singrush makes it easier for artists to be heard, and on a worldwide scale.

Artists are able to sign up for free, and to create their own profile to upload their music. Singrush provides the most exposure for artists through the Singrush chart system. When an artist posts a song, listeners around the world are given the opportunity to provide the artist with feedback on how the listener feels about the song. The artist with the top song in each genre that receives the most likes within a given week from listeners is featured on the homepage of Singrush. Artists are also given the opportunity to submit success stories to have posted in the site’s news section.

Singrush welcomes all listeners who love fresh, new music. Music fans and listeners are what drive the industry, so it is crucial for them to have a part. The listener is given the opportunity to vote on their opinion of the song, which determines the song ranking on the charts. The charts are reset every week for newly joined artists to have their chance to shine. Singrush strives to create a competitive and positive-filled energy environment for artists to continually improve. Singrush is your online stage for independent and unsigned artists, bands, and producers to make noise and be heard.

Sign up for free right now at

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