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The One (and Only) Thing A DJ Should Ask For In Return For DJ Mixes

You’re creating boatloads of amazing mixes - yippee! So, it’s only natural that for every piece of music you deliver people should automatically make people want to come to your gigs or buy your latest release …right?


One singular piece of music isn’t going to translate into an immediate purchase or attendance to your event.

But, I have good news.

Building trust and BFF-worthy relationships with people so that they do backflips of joy when you make an offer is something you can do.

So, if you’re not asking for a sale or to come to your gigs- what should you ask for?

Let me play out a quick scene for you.

Sassy Sara visits your website and hears your awesome I’ve Got 3 Dollars & It’s Friday Mix that’s embeddded through Soundcloud. She goes to like your mix but isn’t a member of Soundcloud, is prompted to sign-up to favorite it. Then she gets fed up with having to sign-up for this service and forgets about your mix and it gets sucked back into a tab open on Facebook because there is a notification that someone commented on her last photo…and she never thinks of you again.

But, Sara is cool…and would totally be an ideal fan. Except, you have no way to get in touch with her. She never gave you her number or email…or even her last name. It’s like a one-night-stand, minus the steamy encounter.

Now, let’s revise that scene.

Sassy Sara visits your website and hears your awesome I’ve Got 3 Dollars & It’s Friday Mix that’s embeddded through Soundcloud. At the end of the post, there’s a line encouraging Sara to sign up for a free download to the mix that you created especially for people like her. She signs up and gets instant access to the tuneage. She now considers you her go-to goddess for music and is obsessing over all of your past mixes, reading through your Twitter feed, and basically online-stalking your whole brand. After getting weekly emails from you (that she drops everything to read), you send an email about your upcoming gigs. Sara is so enamored with you and your music that she buys right away, and even sends you an email about how excited and privileged she feels to be in your crew.

If this scene sounds like a fairytale, I assure you…it’s not. It’s the exact scenario I experience with my content and every subsequent offer I make.

So, the ONE and ONLY thing you should ask for in exchange for your mixes is their contact information.

Email and first name, nothing to get too deep into.

Hold up…is it really THAT easy to get information from complete strangers? Yes…and no. You wouldn’t hand your number to a random guy in a bar. But, you would gladly fork it over to a guy who says all the right things, draws you in, and is totally your type - like a mix of Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Justin Timberlake.

To score this exclusive information, you must create an an amazing opt-in offer mix that people just can’t refuse.

And, “sign up for my newsletter” won’t cut it. Your opt-in mix should be mind-blowing. You can entice your dream customers to excitedly hand over their information by offering an electrifying piece of music in return.


Casie Millhouse-Singh is a DJ, Producer based out of Singapore. Her website aims to give fellow DJs and producers the knowledge and systems to define themselves on their own terms, break through stereotypes and get on with creating the most extraordinary life possible behind the decks, on the dancefloor and off.

The Crate is a unique, totally free program for DJs to increase online visibility, making connections, and stepping up their web presence. Every Tuesday, The Crate goes out with a quick action item, along with step-by-step video instructions to do in 10 mins or less. Get your very own weekly updates with The Crate.



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