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What do you want to ask?

Hey Everyone,

Music Without Labels is doing an interview on WXPN in Philadelphia next tuesday with Jasmine Sacarello, who used to be a host/reporter on numerous BET shows. She is a very close friend of ours. This blog is set to reach out to independent musicians to see what they would like to ask about the current music industry issues. Music Without Labels will also be recording this interview to post on many different sites for people to see and hear about the reality in the music industry today. Please let me know what questions you’d have for her and we’ll put them into consideration for our interview on Tuesday.
Thank you for everything
Keep Makin’ Music!!!

Reader Comments (2)

Here's what I've been wanting to hear a satisfactory answer to...

Why, in this age of internet-music and free publicity, do record labels remain the primary agent of an artist's success? I am unaware of any unsigned artists who are able of promoting themselves as a label can; getting booked on major tours, getting press in magazines or blogs with any significant readership, getting their music licensed in tv or movies, or making lots of sales for that matter.

Why have traditional label/booking/promo relationships endured despite a more open music industry model that was supposed to make "the old ways of doing things" obsolete?

September 6 | Unregistered CommenterJustin

My question would be, is the content of BET totally driven by advertisement dollars, or are there people there who actually feel like they're doing something in the interests of the black community in the United States? If the latter is true, why aren't they running content that reflects that original mission statement? If it's strictly about money, why haven't they made the no-brainer decision to re-brand as "Urban Entertainment" to cast a wider net for ad $$?

Currently, they just suck at everything. I'm basically wondering if there's a master plan behind that.

September 7 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

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