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Call To Action: DotMusic Looks To Fairly Administer The .music Domain With Safeguards

We are about to enter into the world of the .music realm, as the domain will soon be available for registration for the first time.  In other words, www.[yourname].music will soon become a possibility.  Constantine Roussos, the leader of DotMusic, is leading this charge. DotMusic wants to be the neutral administrator of the distribution of these domains.  DotMusic’s goal: to clean up the online music community by allowing music artists, music professionals and music companies to claim the domains that are rightfully theirs.

Now, DotMusic needs your help to push this community-based application across the finish line, to put an end to the common frustrations that music artists experience when they go to claim a domain, and find out that it has been taken by someone whose sole purpose is to sell it at a premium. 

Other DotMusic policies include mandating only legal music content, prohibiting spammy parking pages and suspending any .music domain with obvious mass copyright infringement. If DotMusic’s initiative doesn’t succeed, major players like Google and Amazon - who do not care about artists’ rights - will end up controlling the rights to these domains.

ICANN, the governing body of the Internet that is responsible for approving this application, is in the process of evaluating whether DotMusic meets key community criteria to prevail and secure the rights for .music.  This is where you, the supporters, come in.

Tomorrow (August 12th) @ 7:59pm Eastern time is the deadline for artists to show support for DotMusic’s initiative.  This is the final and most critical step in stressing to ICANN and the EIU the importance of implementing safeguards to protect the rights of musicians online.

Supporting this cause takes less than a minute.  Digitally signing this support letter is all that is required (regardless whether you are a musician, band or organization) and DotMusic will file it with ICANN. 

Creating a clean, safe and trusted digital ecosystem for musicians is something that supports everyone, including creators and fans.  Your support could make a major difference in the way we consume music in the future.

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Call To Action: DotMusic Looks To Fairly Administer The .music Domain With Safeguards

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