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How To Get Started In Music Publishing

Have you ever heard someone say I’m signed to BMI, ASCAP or SESAC so I’m set for publishing?

Registering with a performance rights organization (aka PRO) is an important step to collecting your publishing royalties, but there are three major types of additional publishing royalties that you are probably not collecting if your only step to collecting your publishing royalties has been affiliating with a PRO.

The three additional royalty types are: 

  • Synchornization 
  • Print
  • Mechanical

 These areas of publishing are often overlooked by most rights owners and could leave these same rights owners leaving thousands, even millions of publishing royalties uncollected.

Upcoming, we have a LIVE Workshop that we’ll be hosting through The Music Publishing Academy that will teach you how to get started in publishing AND how to secure placements.

The Workshop will be taught by award-winning artist, Renita Holyfield, M.B.A. and former Director of Copyright for BMG, Steven Cauchi. Registration is FREE and will be hosted online so you can attend from anywhere in the world. Collectively, Holyfield & Cauchi have helped songwriters and publishers collect millions in publishing royalties across the globe.

Register to attend here

The Music Publishing Academy, LLC is a music Academy dedicated to teaching its members everything one needs to know about music publishing regarding building a music publishing company and making it profitable.


How To Get Started In Music Publishing

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