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On The Future Of Remote Music Collaboration

One of the primary functions of technology is democratization. The democratization of knowledge through higher access to information and more affordable and sophisticated products and services.

Musicians have benefitted immensely from these technological advancements where olfactory gatekeepers are becoming increasingly redundant and traditional barriers are broken down literally by the year. 

Artists are becoming their own record labels and publishers. Expensive traditional recording studios are going out of business due to the rise of adequate home recording studios. Distribution of music is in the hands of the artists themselves and is only a few clicks away. 

And now the barrier of distance is under technological attack with the rise of cloud-collaboration services such as Googles G-Suite and Gobblers Wordspaces.

Groundbreaking technologies like Source Elements flagship product Source Connect allows engineers to record artists from anywhere on the globe with only a wifi connection. 

Audreio is a simple DAW plugin with a dedicated app that allows artists to stream the development of their mix from a remote working mix engineer without even having to be present in the studio. 

Need a live drummer or trombone player for your next single but don’t have the studio budget to make it happen? Soundbetter is an online musician marketplace that let’s you browse countless top-notch talent with the recording facilities at hand to receive your demo and brief to make it all happen for you. 

Everyday recording studios are increasingly offering up their services online to cater to global clients. Online mixing and mastering services have become a common offering among recording studios and many engineers are leveraging this opportunity as a way to build their studios from the ground up.  

In 2001, electro-pop group The Postal Services was admired for their collaborative album of which the song files were repeatedly sent back and forth between the two writers in different cities on CD-R’s via traditional mail.

Things have changed dramatically since then and the forecast only indicates that more rapid change is on the way.

Collaboration is the perfect way for artists to cross-pollinate their fanbase. Having access to other artists around the world lends itself tremendously to practicing a global market mindset for you and your music.

The barriers to entry are lower than ever before and so are the number of excuses one could muster to prevent them from achieving their goals.


Hollagully is a creative audio agency providing remote music and post-production services to artists, advertisers, content creators and brands. Our expanding blog educates working-class songwriters, producers and home studio artists.


On The Future Of Remote Music Collaboration

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