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On The Future Of Remote Music Collaboration

One of the primary functions of technology is democratization. The democratization of knowledge through higher access to information and more affordable and sophisticated products and services.

Musicians have benefitted immensely from these technological advancements where olfactory gatekeepers are becoming increasingly redundant and traditional barriers are broken down literally by the year. 

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Essential Questions To Answer Before You Finish A Songwriting Collaboration

In a music-theatre context, there are a number of questions that must be answered before any song can be completed. Often when lyricists and composers collaborate on songs for a new show, these questions may be answered unconsciously or internally by each collaborator or not at all. If one person were writing a show all by herself, that might be just fine. But in a collaboration with one or two other artists, it’s critical that everyone on the team articulate these questions together, discuss them and come to agreement on each answer. If this is done before starting work on a given song, it can save everyone a lot of extra work, frustration and other unpleasant feelings. Take the time to be just a little bit pedantic when it comes to songs you’re co-writing for a new musical and you’ll be much happier with the results.

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Get Out Of The Garage: 4 Tips For Success When Starting A Band

There are hundreds of bands playing across the country each night at clubs or private parties. However, only a handful of those groups will ever get a record deal or gain any type of widespread recognition or fame. What are some steps that your band can take to overcome the odds and become a household name?

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How Music Production Costs Are Impacting Songwriters

Maybe you have written some good song lyrics and believe you’re a good songwriter (or at least have been told so). So now, all you need to make it big is to record the right songs that will get picked up by a major label, artist, or publisher, right?

Well, not exactly. Not according to industry statistics, which have painted a dismal picture for the music creation fraternity; especially songwriters. To begin with, approximately 19 out of every 20 songwriters, who have had their music published, do not earn enough from their craft to live comfortably. That is, according to figures released by several performing rights organizations in the U.S.

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3 Unique Online Music Production Resources 

Living in the heart of a music mecca like New York, Nashville, Austin, LA, Seattle etc., no doubt has its advantages when you’re trying to get your music career moving. You’re in the thick of it, and there’s no shortage of talent, resources or inspiration to draw from. Up until about 2010, if you wanted a career in music, you basically had no choice but to move to a big city. But so much has changed over the last several years, and that’s not necessarily the case anymore. In fact, more and more musicians, artists and creatives are leaving the high rent of the big city behind to find a better quality of life in more rural locations. Here are a few unique resources to help kickstart your music career when you’re not living in the heart of a buzzing music scene. 

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The Power Of Promotion: How To Get Your Band's Name Out There

What does it take for your band to gain success? Some will say talent, others may say hard work and determination, but though all those things can help, the real secret to gaining success is promoting and advertising. Face it: there are thousands of amazing artists out there with raw talent and catchy riffs, but if they lack in advertising then they might as well be nothing to the rest of the world. So how does one promote? Here we narrow it down to the most essential tips to help you find your target audience.

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4 Ways to Spark Inspiration And Break Through Writer’s Block

When you write for a living, every now and then you will fall into that infuriating slump known as writer’s block. Writer’s block isn’t only for authors or bloggers; musicians can also find themselves lacking words and inspiration.

Inspiration doesn’t always easily fall into your lap, and sometimes you have to seek it or recognize it in different ways. Next time you find yourself lacking the words you’re looking for, try one of these solutions to spark that next song.

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Legal Issues With Songwriter Collaborations

Under the US copyright law, an author or creator owns a copyright in his or her work the moment it is “fixed in a tangible medium” (i.e., the moment the expression of an idea is written down or recorded in some manner). When it comes to the recorded music business there are two primary copyrights of interest: one in the musical composition or song; another in the sound recording of that song. A copyright extends for the life of an author plus 70 years, and in the case of collaborators on a copyright it extends for the life of the last surviving collaborator plus 70 years.

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