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How Gangnam Style showed us the Social Media value of a Viral Video - an Infographic case study

Safe to say there have been more than a handful of Gangnam Style case studies bouncing around over the past few months. Case studies looking at things like HOW and WHY the video went viral, WHO was behind this freakishly cult phenomena, and WHAT the contributing factors were in driving nearly a billion views.

This is not one of those.

As a Digital music marketing agency, we are fascinated by the nuances of different Social Media platforms and the relationships they share with each other. In creating this Gangnam Style infographic, our aim was to understand the impact that a viral YouTube video has on other Social Media channels. In other words, what exactly is the exchange rate of a YouTube view when traded in on the ‘Social Media stock market’.

Without further ado, allow me to present…

Gangnam Style Infographic | Jaden Social
Gangnam Style: The Social Media Impact of a Viral Video – An infographic by Jaden Social

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