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Why Taylor Swift Is Wrong About Online Music

The famed popstar Taylor Swift has taken on two massive digital music streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music, within the past couple of years. She has stated multiple times that her music should not be “free” and that free online music is damaging artists’ careers. In an age where there is free music everywhere on the internet, is Taylor Swift right in her lamentations? Read my article as to why she is wrong, and how to make the most out of this digital age of music: An Open Response to Taylor Swift

Feedback and discussion is more than welcome. 

Reader Comments (1)

Good article. Let's also mention...

1) Taylor Swift's label (Big Machine) has a deal with iHeartMedia Inc (formerly Clear Channel), an online competitor of Spotify and Apple Music.

2) She's already a well established act (deservedly so) based on free airplay in the broadcast sector, which does not pay performance royalties. As a BTW: iHeartMedia has over 800 broadcast stations, of which many play her music without paying those same performance royalties she's complaining about.

3) For any breaking indie artist, exposure is most important - begging the question, are music services and online stations "using" an artist's music or are they part of our new indie artist marketing chain?

August 11 | Unregistered CommenterKen Dardis

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