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Indie Music = REAL Music?

Where can we find quality music today?

It’s a no-brainer that the music industry has DRASTICALLY changed since some of our favorite mainstream artists began. These changes have created a domino effect on how music is made, distributed, marketed, and handled business wise. A lot of our beloved artists who were once signed to major labels have now started their own or joined independent labels. On the other hand, technology changes have had a grand effect on new indie artists who have hopes on getting picked up/signed by major labels OR continue their growth on the independent route. Here at BRASH! we’ve found an enormous amount of talent within the independent pool who deserves their chance in the main spotlight (We’ve interviewed a lot of them)

Many complaints have been made by consumers, music lovers, media, etc. speaking on the lack of substance, quality, and heart of music that gets radio play, high sales, and media exposure. Its seems that artists are now focused on creating a smash hit versus putting the necessary time, effort, and funding in creating an entire album of great music. Is it their fault? Are the consumers part of the blame? Oh how we long for the days of the full album creation, and popping in a CD and playing it from beginning to end. These days it’s one or two singles, mediocre albums, and the artist disappears into doing club tours, party appearances, reality shows etc. There is a very small circle of mainstream artists that are able to remain successful within the ever-changing trends within the music industry.

So where can the quality music lovers go to get the full REAL music album fix?

Within the Independent market, we’ve found that a lot of artists are HUNGRY; they take their time to develop their craft, music, mixtapes & EPs. However, there are some that choose to follow the latest trends and put out less than quality music within the indie music market. There are massive amounts of indie artists who have that quality, soul, and true art in their music who will never see the light of day due to their genre confusion, funding, lack of marketing, & the inability to capture the attention of major labels and media outlets.

Mainstream music today keeps us partying, forgetting about troubles, and overall not sending a message. Not that it’s a bad thing because music is supposed to take us away from troubles or help us to identify ourselves with the artist. However, radio play is not giving us much substance as it once did before . But consumers gravitate towards these feel-good songs in which advertisers take notice and invest money into these stations by buying ad spaces to get these listeners to patronize their products. So once again, Are consumers to blame? Are we running towards mainstream music to party/feel good and using indie music in secret to get the true art of the craft?

There can be many explanations to these questions. The Independent market needs it own outlet to allow these artists to display their full album of quality music. Although various media platforms (Like BRASH!) cater to them, are we doing enough? Will the consumer demand shift back into pouring its money and attention to artists dedicated to making REAL music? Is that even possible in this day in age?

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one!!


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