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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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Indie Music = REAL Music?

Where can we find quality music today?

It’s a no-brainer that the music industry has DRASTICALLY changed since some of our favorite mainstream artists began. These changes have created a domino effect on how music is made, distributed, marketed, and handled business wise. A lot of our beloved artists who were once signed to major labels have now started their own or joined independent labels. On the other hand, technology changes have had a grand effect on new indie artists who have hopes on getting picked up/signed by major labels OR continue their growth on the independent route

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BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog

BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is designed to provide artists with knowledge of music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the Music Industry. The goal of BRASH! is to provide a different point of view on specific topics along with providing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors. This blog also give Indie Artists a chance to gain press by highlighting/featuring them with an exclusive interview in the “BRASH! Artist Spotlight” segment. Readers will have the ability to provide feedback as well as subscribe to interact and stay informed.

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We The MG: Breaking In

Welcome to the debut of the official Music Gorilla blog, another feature of our site that will help you—whether you’re an artist, an industry pro or fan—to make the best use of Music Gorilla’s features.

Here, we’ll give you the skinny on the newest opportunities for our artists to submit songs (for Film and TV, for our live showcases); we’ll feature profiles of our artists, giving them a chance to tell their story and talk about their music; fans will be encouraged to engage with our artists before and after shows; bands, producers, and labels who have had success, through and independent of MG, will give their take on how to break in to the industry.

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PJ Harvey album tops end of year polls in the UK

PJ Harvey’s tenth studio album Let England Shake was named the best record of 2011 by UK music critics in a major poll by music retailer HMV.

The album finished top-of-the-pile in end-of-year polls across British media including Uncut, Mojo, The Guardian, and NME.

More than 30 media outlets were polled for their favourite discs of the last 12 months. The top 5 albums according to British critics were…

1) PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

2) Bon Iver - Bon Iver

3) Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

4) Radiohead - The King of Limbs

5) Tune-Yards - Whokill

Harvey said of the honour, “I am very grateful to receive this accolade for Let England Shake. The response to this album has heartened me, and given me great hope for the future.”

The critics seemed pretty conclusive about PJ releasing the album of the year. But are these the best indie music albums that were released during 2011? The Black Keys, James Blake. Metronomy, and the Arctic Monkeys may have been in with a claim for a spot in the Top 5.

Andrew Parker is the editor of leading music news and entertainment website Electric Banana - often contributing album reviews.


Attend Major A&R Listening Session at Sony Music NYC

Artists, Song Writers, and Producers of all genres of music, this is your exclusive and rare opportunity to showcase the SINGLE BEST song or video clip of your live performance to get heard and discovered by executive A&R’s of JIVE/ RCA/ SONY MUSIC and BMI. These A&Rs have the power to immediately sign a Recording Contract with you.

Submission Timeline: Submissions start on September 21st and end on December 21st.

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Indie Artists: Keep Your Social Media Profiles Unified

We receive many submissions from independent artists and bands who want to be featured, but they leave out important information about their projects. So we research their website, blogs and social media profiles to see if we can put the missing pieces together in a timely matter.

Unfortunately, we regularly find that bands are inconsistent with updating their social network accounts. Their websites offer outdated information or just don’t offer the basic information a fan or news/feature writer would be looking for.

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Where the Music Industry Went Wrong: Why Indie Musicians Are Struggling to Sell Their Music

There are three reasons why local, indie musicians are not achieving the levels of success they desire in the music industry. In this article, I will give a short overview of these three reasons and the role the music industry has played. If you are an indie artist and you are struggling to sell your music, if you are struggling to get promotion and publicity, then it is probably because of at least one of these three reasons.

Three Reasons why most indie musicians are struggling to sell their music:
Reason # 1. Indie musicians have forgotten or are not aware of, the true value and power of music.

Reason # 2. Indie musicians do not communicate the value of their music or they do so poorly. This reason aims at how musicians market and promote their music. This reason also explains why most musicians are not able to network effectively at industry events and get the attention of music executives and the press. I will discuss this reason in a later article in this series.

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Online music licensing for films, tv series, commercials: here's Have a Sync

Have a sync ( is the new tool for music licensing, designed and managed by Bixio Publishing Group. It allows directors, advertising agencies, music consultants to find the perfect music for films, documentaries, commercials, TV series and other audiovisual productions. The research is intuitive, fast and efficient, thanks to the innovative Sync Cloud system. All the tracks on Have a Sync are available in full-track streaming. For most of the tracks, the licenses can be purchased directly online for both  publishing and master rights.

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Rock The Biz - Chapter 1: The Music Crisis

This is the first chapter of Rock The Biz, the free documentary about the new european musicbusiness, called “The Music Crisis”.

What led to the crisis in tradtional music business, what went wrong and who is responsible?

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Podcast Franchising For Indie Labels

Podcast franchising holds tremendous value for the customer, the audience, and the service provider/producer (whose reputation, expertise, and music tribe that clients tap into all grow over time). Labels on a tight budget don’t need to cut back on marketing, they just need to divert funds from marketing channels that deliver lackluster results into podcast franchising and new media.

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Music Without Labels & Beat-Play Interview with John Bowser from Sha Na Na


Music Without Labels & Beat-Play at the Independent Music Conference –Northampton, MA - November 19-23, 2009

Founder and President of Music Without Labels, Dante Cullari, has been blessed with the pleasure to speak at this year’s Independent Music Conference in Northampton this Saturday at the Clarion Hotel in Northampton, MA, in which, he will be one of a select expert group of panelists, mentors, and workshop presenters, gathered to discuss empowering ideas for indie musicians to achieve success. The four day long IMC, offers many influential opportunities for independent artists, thanks to the educational and internetworking platform provided by the event’s coordinator, InterMixx.

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Music Without Labels & Beat-Play Interview with IndepenDRUM

Give us some background. Where are you from originally, where are you now, how did you get there? To take you all the way back, I was born and raised in a town northwest of Boston. My family is pretty musical. My grandfather was a musician, and my father is a multi-instrumentalist  musician and comedian. My younger brother is also a musician. I was very fortunate that my parents were very supportive in music growing up. I mean my father was always having guys over to play and I would be sitting in at a young age. 

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Music Without Labels & Beat-Play Interview with Silvercord

Give us some background. Where are you from originally, where are you now, how did you get there?

I am originally from Caro, Michigan USA but moved to Seoul after graduating from a degree in music at Eastern Michigan University. I have been living and writing, producing and performing music in South Korea for the last seven years.

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