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4 Ways You Can Make Your Own Happiness In Life Using Music

How have you been feeling lately? If you’ve been a little lost, lonely, or sad, you’re not alone. Everybody goes through rough patches in life. And if you’re currently in the middle of one, you’re probably wondering how you can get back to your happy place.


Sometimes, getting your happiness back requires a change in the way you think. Happiness isn’t a prize you can win and keep for the rest of your life. Rather, it’s a mindset - and staying in that mindset takes constant effort. This is good news, because it means happiness is something you can work for and earn, rather than something that’s just bestowed on you or taken away at random.


With some determination, you can work your way into a happy mindset, even if you’re starting from a low place. Music is one of the greatest tools for this. First things first, though: if you’re having serious trouble coping with your feelings, call your doctor or make an appointment with a therapist right away. Often, seeking professional help is the best first step you can take towards getting your mojo back. Here are four more ways you can start to make your own happiness and meaning in life.


1. Try something new every day

When you first become a musician, everything is new, fun, and exciting. But as you get older and more experienced, it becomes easier to fall into a rut, and this can eat away at your happiness. You might wonder what there is to feel joyful about when you feel like music doesn’t give you the same satisfaction it used to.


If this sounds familiar, the best cure is to get out into the world of music and try something completely new to you. Life doesn’t truly become boring - many people just stop experiencing new things over time. There are so many ways to explore music, whether it be a new style on the instrument you are used to or trying a new instrument altogether. Branch out and research different artists that you aren’t familiar with, get an idea of what they do and how they do it, and give it a try.


2. Play music with people you care about

You can’t rely on other people to make you happy, of course. But there’s no denying that humans are innately social, and we all need fulfilling relationships to feel truly happy. If loneliness has been bothering you lately, take your social life into your own hands. Try reaching out to old friends - they’ll probably be glad to hear from you. Or arrange a get-together with some family members you haven’t visited lately. Use your music talents and interests to bring people together and enjoy a good time.


Making new friends is also a great way to renew your happiness. Look for clubs, volunteer opportunities, or music classes in your area that interest you. You’re never too old or too young to make new friends. Music is a great way to bring strangers together on common ground, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


3. Explore your faith or spirituality.

Many people get a profound sense of happiness and peace from feeling connected to the world around them. If you are religious, exploring or deepening your faith can be a wonderful way to find new meaning in life. There are many artists who create faith driven music. Whether you pertain to a particular religion or set of beliefs, there will always be music associated with it. If you don’t have beliefs or have not been interested in exploring your spirituality, I would encourage you to start exploring.


4. Make a conscious decision to focus on the positive

If you always focus on the negative in life, it can suck the happiness right out of you. Make a commitment to seeing the positive instead. Focus your music on hope and positivity. Stop worrying about things you can’t change, and focus on the good side of your situation instead. Remind yourself that emotions like envy and anger only hurt you. Build a habit of being generous and optimistic, no matter what life throws at you. Use music as a release of negative energy and a source of positive energy.


The Takeaway

Happiness is within your grasp - if you’re willing to work for it. A few new habits and mindset shifts can do wonders for your overall state of mind. Start using these tips in your life, and pretty soon you’ll find that you feel happier and more fulfilled in your music than ever.


4 Ways You Can Make Your Own Happiness In Life Using Music

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