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iHaveit - A New Vinyl Music Collectors And Trading Platform



Launched in June 2018, provides a exciting new one stop place for music lovers to buy, sell, collect and work out the financial value of their Vinyl Records, CD’s and Tape Cassettes.

It has received a lot of interest since the launch with over 1.5million views of vinyl records and CD’s already.

The founder is Michael Veenswyk , he describes iHaveit as “a platform dedicated to music lovers, akin to a hybrid Amazon come eBay, but with a lot of music collecting features and functions specific only to music lovers”.

Platforms such as Amazon and eBay provide a quick and convenient way to buy music, but they do not provide the ability to manage what you have purchased, to develop a online music collection summary, to show what you have and do not have in your collection, and do not provide an easy way to estimate the true financial value of vinyl records collection, especially pre-owned rare music.

iHaveit resolves these challenges by providing a fantastic music collecting and trading platform, with many ‘fun’ related user music features, with many new features being released over the next quarter.

iHaveit see a gap in the market, connecting the people at home who have a box of records with music collectors, the independent record stores and music investors. There are a lot of rare valuable records that people placed into storage and forgot about years ago that they can now dust off, add into iHaveit to check their value, and make available for sale on iHaveit, or keep in their iHaveit music collection.

There are existing products such as Discogs that provide both collecting and trading options, the difference of is it has been developed from the ground up with a smart easy to use user experience, targetting the wider novice and average music collector, leveraging latest ideas in technology. Technology has developed dramatically over the last 10 years since the release of Smartphones, with many advancements available that iHaveit are leveraging to build an exciting new music platform experience, including artificial intelligence, social media connections, community integration, and trading experiences that can help build a customised and specific music user experience.

The vision of iHaveit is to build a music platform that music lovers can contribute towards the platform journey. We have an exciting three-year roadmap planned, but welcome users contributing to make iHaveit the best possible user experience, which crowdfunding and owning part of the company gives everyone a chance to benefit from the platform’s success. There are many really exciting enhancements we will release over the next 100 days that focus on a Music Club experience, sharing, communication and community focus.


Users of iHaveit can manually add their records or CD’s or can bulk upload their collection if in a CSV or xls file at 

It’s free to use and search, and less costly than other platforms like eBay, Amazon or Discogs when selling items. iHaveit collect only six percent sales commission for items sold compared to other sites that can take upwards of 15 percent plus sales commission.

You can try iHaveit to collect and trade your music, simply visit

You can contact iHaveit at if you have any questions or ideas


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iHaveit - A New Vinyl Music Collectors And Trading Platform

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