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Most Popular Music Genres: It Is Completely Different Than You Believe

Music comes in many different forms and not all of them are equally popular. Maybe you are into a specific type of music and maybe you like 1 or 2 genres more, but the thing is, most people prefer just one genre. This can be useful to new musicians, due to the fact they can start their career in the music genre that is most popular. This would definitely make the things easier. You may believe that POP music is the #1 in the world, but it isn’t. Now you will see the most popular music genres in the world.

  1. Heavy Metal

Once treated as outcasts, the musicians of this genre are today the number one when it comes to the music popularity. They have the most fans across the planet, but in the United States, this number is even higher. Heavy Metal started its life back in the 60s, as a sub-genre of rock. Some of the best-known names in this genre are Metallica and Iron Maiden. Fans of this type of music are completely into it and their lifestyle is even based on Heavy Metal.

  1. Rock n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll has been one of the most popular music genres since the day it was invented. Let’s just say that the first traces of this music come from the 50s, but the popularity was significantly increased during the 70s and 80s. ACDC, G N R and many others have made this genre the ultimate choice for most people. This music is commonly produced by a drummer, a singer, bass player and a guitar player.

  1. Alternative music

This music genre has no description, nor it can be described actually, simply because it is based on art. We all know that art cannot be defined. Linkin Park, Evanescence and many others made this music extremely popular and extremely desirable. You will need drummer, vocals and a guitar and you are good to go. This is also the hardest music genre to dominate.

  1. Hard Rock

This genre isn’t the same as heavy metal or just rock. It is completely different in a matter of fact and it has a lot to offer. Rush, Led Zeppelin and literally, dozens of other bands made this genre the ultimate one if you want to enjoy the music, but at the same time, you want to listen to the beautiful words, great bass and to dance like you have never before.

  1. Classical

Classical music is still one of the most popular music genres ever. It is completely different than anything else and it is more than just beneficial to listen. Just relax in one of the best massage chairs, turn on the music and relax. First and foremost, this music is always produced by some of the biggest and the best musicians ever known. Mozart, Beethoven, and literally many others have shaped the classical music according to their beliefs. Now, we can simply enjoy that literally forever. And yes, this music is also known for increasing the IQ.

  1. Rap

Rap has been the most popular type of music in ghettoes, and in groups where people wanted to express themselves in an interesting and original way. This music may be the only kind that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Since the time it has been first noticed, till now, it has made a significant improvement. Some of the biggest names here are Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Big L and etc.

  1. Jazz

How many of you listen to the jazz music? Probably all of you have listened to it at least a few times in your life. The reason why is very simple. This is a gentle, sensitive music that is rich in feelings and always makes you think about something or someone. All artists from this genre are very popular and there are high chances this is going to be similar to the classical music in the near future. Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and many others have been responsible for some of the best songs ever. In addition, jazz originated from New Orleans and it has been made by slaves back in a day!

  1. Electronic music

Commonly known as dance music, or electronic dance music (EDM), is one of those genres that has to be on every list. It has been among us since the 80s, but in the 90s it got very desirable. The place of origin is Europe, but since 2000 electronic music has been introduced in the United States. Nowadays, it is the most common choice for crazy parties and nightclubs where people simply want to relax and dance. Here, words and vocals are not present. On the other side, thebass is something that has an important part.

  1. Pop

Pop music isn’t the most popular, as you can see, but the highest number of people talk about it every day. Artists are commonly present on the television, social media and etc., which brings us to believe it is the number one music genre across the planet. Yes, it definitely has a lot of listeners and fans, but pop music is good only as the popularity of artists. Here, names don’t stay at the top for a long period of time and new ones come frequently. Justin Bieber, Miles Cyrus are some of the best-known artists today, but let’s not forget Michael Jackson.

10.  Hip hop

This is a music genre with the coolest name of them all. It is commonly related to rap and most people believe that it is just another name for rap, but it isn’t. This is an improved, bigger music genre that rap, and it can be used with rap or without it. It was introduced in New York back in the 70s and became very popular among Afro-Americans. Today, we have some of the biggest hits that come from this genre. Even better, this type of music can be paired with any other genre and it will still sound fantastic.

Most Popular Music Genres: It Is Completely Different Than You Believe

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