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Musical Mayhem: 4 Issues That Could Destroy Your Flourishing Band

Being in a band is a dream that many people have growing up. For most, their dream ends after high school or after getting tired of playing small gigs for family or friends. However, there are a chosen few groups that gain fame across the country and throughout the world. What are some issues that could derail that success?

The Group Doesn’t Have a Passion for Music

It is possible that your drummer or guitarist likes jamming in the basement for several hours as opposed to playing long shows every night. You may discover that you don’t have a passion for singing or a desire to tour for months on end. If a band doesn’t have a passion for music, it is likely that its success will be fleeting.

The Band Tries New Things

Your fans may come to expect a certain sound or expect lyrics that are deep and profound. If you suddenly write a song that seems shallow or deviates from what fans are used to hearing, they may stop following you. Even if you go back to your original sound, it may be too late to recapture your hardcore followers who may now consider the group to have sold out.

Someone Gets a DWI

While you may be sober during performances, you may enjoy a beer or two after a show. Other people in the band may also like to drink after shows or on their days off. However, professionals, like Thomas A Corletta, know that it is important to always have a designated driver to prevent anyone from getting a DWI. In addition to putting other people in danger, a DWI could come with bad press for your band, which could tarnish its image.

Your Record Label Drops You

If an album doesn’t do as well as a record label thinks it should, your group could be released from its contract. Without a label, it may be harder to promote new tracks or come across as legitimate to casual fans. While you may be able to recover from it, it is not a guarantee that everyone will want to work their way back up to prominence again.

Achieving success as a musician takes a lot of work and dedication to the craft. If you or others in your band lack the passion or drive to be the best, the group may never achieve mainstream success no matter how good the music is. It is also important that everyone in the band stays out of trouble as even a single incident could jeopardize a group’s success.

Musical Mayhem: 4 Issues That Could Destroy Your Flourishing Band

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