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Music Is Not All About The Artist

A modern music studio is a blend of high end electronics, computer software, and audio equipment. While Elvis could walk into a modern studio and understand it to a point, there is still a lot of engineering that is required to set one up. At the end of the day, the production of a song still requires a good ear and talent all over. That is why a degree, such as a degree from GWU’s Electrical Engineering program, could open more doors than one might think. Musicians are not all that is necessary to music, so do not believe a lack of singing or instrument talent will keep a person from the field.

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Tips For Selecting An Audio Interface For Your Home Studio

Ever wonder what the difference between a decent home set up and a great one is? Often the devil is in the details, and facny insturments and mics wont matter if they get all mushed before they get tracked.

The folks at Rivington Music decided to help answer the question of how to select the right interface. Selecting a good interface has to be one of the most important steps to capturing high quality audio. This audio interface is basically the sound card and this piece of hardware handles converting your audio from digital data into an analog signal, also known as digital-to-analog converter.

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Want To Get In The Industry? Become An Audio Engineer

The dream of being a rock star eludes most of us. Fortunately, you can work and succeed in the music industry. Being an audio engineer, you can have a huge impact on recording, mixing, editing, and much more.

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