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How To Write A Hit: 5 Psychological Tricks 

When you’re sitting down at the piano or the guitar and getting ready to write a new song, it’s often difficult to know where to start. If you watch interviews with well-known songwriters, you start to notice that half of them have no idea how they do it. They just sit down at their instrument and see what happens.
It’s true that there’s an art to songwriting, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for science. In fact, people are constantly carrying out research to try to identify what makes a song successful, with the idea being that if they can identify what works and what doesn’t, they can do more of the former and less of the latter.
With that in mind, we’ve put in the research for you and compiled five of the most effective psychological tricks to help you to write a crazy hit song. Let’s go.

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How Keen Musicians Successfully Protect And Secure Their Songs

Musicians in today’s modern age have many outlets for their art, but these pathways may not be very secure. They might actually create problems where the songs are open to the public, and they’re immediately copied or taken. It’s critical for musicians to protect and secure their songs with several tools, including both simple and complex strategies.

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Should I Write Original Music Or Music That Sells?

Have you ever noticed that the music you love to write, always ends up being the music people hate? Yet, your worst written songs, the songs you said “I can’t believe I wrote this POS” are somehow, magically, the ones everyone loves? What’s up with that?

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