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Music Internships: A Great Way To Gain Experience

Anyone who has ever been to college, spoken to a career counselor, or searched “how to get a job” on Google will have surely heard about the importance of internships. “You should get one“ the experts say.“Internships are a great way to gain experience“.

Yeah, we know. We’ve heard this story a thousand times. But the same could be said for actually getting a full-time job. “Oh, but getting an internship can help you get a full-time job” they say. That’s true. But internships can also be very time-consuming, which may put a strain on college students who are taking a full slate of classes. Internships also tend to pay less (if at all) than full-time jobs, which can make them a less appealing option for individuals who are not financially sound.

Taking these things into consideration, you might wonder why anyone would want to get an internship. Is there a point? Or is this just a waste of time? As a matter of fact, internships are not a waste of time. In fact, there are number of reasons to go out and get one right away. Here’s why.


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7 Easy Steps To Getting A Job At A Record Label

Like any other business, record labels need quality employees. Likewise, bands need good record labels, primarily because of how much time it takes to get everyone in the band together, hone skills, write good music, and learn how to perform. 
With the internet and affordable software at everyone’s fingertips, it’s true that the DIY approach is gaining ground for musicians. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a successful band that isn’t on a record label. It takes a ton of effort to be a good band. Record labels do the things that bands don’t have the time and resources to do.
Are you attracted to the industry side of music? Are you a musician yourself? Do you find yourself attracted to the music scene wherever you go? Working at a record label might be just the right fit for you. Here are the steps to make it happen.

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