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2 Things That Can Ruin Your Concert

I went to a free outdoor concert in Austin recently. We saw a band I’d never heard of who made music I don’t normally listen to.
But I had a great experience, all because of two main things the band did (or didn’t do).
 Two things that all of us can learn from.

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Getting Through A Show When Everything Goes Wrong

Guest post by Patrick McGuire. This article originally appeared on Soundfly’s Flypaper

The thought of playing a show fraught with performance mistakessound problems, and an unengaged crowd is one that keeps musicians of all stripes awake at night. It makes perfect sense, too! After spending god knows much time, money, and personal sacrifice writing and creating great music, you feel a lot of pressure to deliver a flawless live show every time you hit the stage.

But here’s the rub: Things go wrong in live shows constantly, and the problems you’re likely to experience aren’t always predictable or preventable, nor are they abnormal in any way. Especially when you’re on the road playing night after night, with different sound in different rooms with different support acts and different audiences, it’s a miracle we’re even able to perform well at all!

Here are a few ways to get through shows where nothing seems to be going your way.

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Live Performances Are About More Than The Music

I had started writing some posts and giving advice on my social media pages, as my way of giving some advice regarding some of the things that I see and hear, both at shows, and on artists’ social media pages. It always seemed to be the same things, coming from “artists,” who excel in playing the blame game: making excuses for why they aren’t succeeding. So, I thought that I would try to be helpful, by calling artists out on their behaviors! It may not be popular, or politically correct, but if an artist can’t handle the truth and some constructive criticism, then they are in the completely WRONG business.

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