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The Successful DIY Indie Artist Series - Project

There’s too much back and forth about who’s finding success and why in the DIY independent artist scene, so i’ve decided to go out and do some deep investigative research to pull all the info i can together, and focus on deep patterns and strategies across several facets of how successful DIY’ers have put their career together, what they’re doing, how they manage it, and hopefully uncover what some of the underlying reasons why it’s all working for them, are.


Purpose = Going beyond “surface level” exploration, research, and interviews, on the successful indie artists and bands that are thriving today. Cluster and define correlations and key strategies that are common and prevalent, as well as highlight the business models that are working today. Get candid and get to the “core” of what actually is THE THING that is making some people succesful today and why as Independent artists in the new music business…


There’s a lot of doom and gloom out there… There are a lot of skeptics, naysayers, and doubting thomases out there that perpetuate a vibe of hopelessness in regards to the DIY movement… This is not only unhealthy but destructive, and it ain’t where or what we should be focusing on.



My aim is to get to the CORE stuff. Get past the pleasantries, and really try to get to the heart of what is working for those that have been successful, to identify the patterns, and try to put together the correlations so that we can all try to learn these things, and do it in a modern way.


What do you think? Is this is a good idea? Is this project something you’re interested in hearing more about?


I need you to let me know of any succesful indie artists you know of who should be included, and/or you’d like to learn about…


Also, if you have any (factual/reliable) stats, figures, percentages, links, or anything else that’s relavent that you could contribute, we’d appreciate it!


I have been compiling all the names of succesful Independent Artists/Bands and stories from the DIY/Indie industry innovators like Ariel Hyatt, Bob Baker, Derek Sivers, Viny Ribas, and have been polling and surveying groups and my online audiences. If you have any pieces of info or names to contribute please let me know. just comment below, or email: me @ jamieleger dot com.


If you want to be notified via email with updates you can go to and subscribe and i’ll keep you in the loop.


God Bless



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Jamie Leger is an   Independent Singer Songwriter and Online Business/Marketing Coach who helps people with specialized knowledge and a message (i.e. authors, speakers, consultants, creative professionals and entrepreneurs) turn their expertise into an online information publishing BUSINESS that generates income, as well as build an authoritative online presence through private coaching and step by step instruction on the four areas of management. He is an avid DIY artist, has been making music in his home recording studio and writing content for various online publications since 2004. Please enjoy his free guide to the Home Recording Studio.

Reader Comments (7)

You should check out an artist called Poets Of The Fall. Highly successful artist in Finland and completely independent. Their music can also be found in a number of computer games which has helped to get them a worldwise fanbase

March 28 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Hi Jamie,

This sounds very interesting. I'm always keen to see what is working for other successful indie artists. To be completely honest, there isn't a lot of genuinely valuable, applicable advice out there for new or established artists who are serious about making a career out of their music, beyond a hobby/passion.

I'm a full time DIY rapper based in the UK (there aren't many of us over here making a living just from music). I'd be happy to contribute if you want me to be involved. Thanks.


March 28 | Registered CommenterZuby Music

We have a few Idea's @altavozdistroco and would love to share them with other''s a site that has a few billion reasons why.

March 28 | Unregistered CommenterNelson

@sarah: thanks we'll check them out.

@zuby: exactly, i hope we can change that. :) and thanks, we'll see. it's still a process of approach and organizing many moving pieces, but we could use all the help we can get!

@nelson: thanks. we'll be in touch.

March 28 | Registered CommenterJamie Leger

I think it's a great idea. There are success stories out there that need to be talked about. The rapper Hoodie Allen is a very interesting subject.

March 29 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

I'm in to see what you find. I think it would be interesting to lift the veil. Some people consider success to be records sold or clubs sold out.. others measure it in their online presence only. That is the real variable. What defines "success" to you in 2012?

Check out ROBERT ELIAS or his band ROBERT ELIAS & THE REVENGE...incredible artist out of Miami. Probably the best singer I've heard my whole life. Soul to the max!

April 9 | Unregistered CommenterTy Richey

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