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Traveling Band - Touring Details to Go Over With Your Manager

Summer touring season is fast approaching and many bands are finalizing those last minute details before the tour starts. Every year, bands report issues and problems that could have easily been avoided by simply talking to their manager before they ever set foot on the tour bus. Whether you’re a part of a top selling band or just starting out with an unknown group, there are some simple details that can make this tour the best one ever.

Overnight Accommodations

Knowing where you’ll be staying each night is crucial to giving your best performances. Clearly state your preferences before any rooms are booked. Understand budgetary restrictions could mean choices that are not always top luxury brands. Most managers will present the band with an itinerary at the start of the tour with details about all booked hotels. If not, ask why the itinerary is not available. This could be a red flag about the tour.

Emergency Cash

Emergencies are something that every band hopes they’ll never encounter, but often do as the tour stretches on. Some managers will advise you to keep your money in easy to manage checking accounts. Others recommend carrying a credit card. The best choice for many emergency situations is to keep cash on hand. Imagine your plane is delayed and there is no way to access your credit card. Some companies, like, know that having money sent directly to your bank account is incredibly convenient. That emergency cash could mean a place to stay for the night or transportation to the next venue. Keep in mind that any cash should be safely stored and out of view from the prying eyes of fans as well as venue employees.


Bands often overlook safety issues in favor of comfort or style while touring. Don’t be afraid to discuss safety with your manager. If you feel like an upcoming venue does not have arrangements in place, consider working out additional options. Venues that still do not meet requirements should be canceled immediately. When out on the road, look at the cost effectiveness of a security guard that ensures members and their possessions are always secure. This will add to the overall budget but most managers will agree it’s worth it to protect everyone involved.

Every detail matters when you’re on tour. The connection between a band and their manager is vital to ensuring life on the road remains hassle-free. By taking care of details before the tour starts, you can be assured that your manager will be prepared for anything.

Traveling Band - Touring Details to Go Over With Your Manager

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