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Yeah, Only 13 Year Old Girls Like That Band

I am a muscian who recently read this article on The Guardian about musicians who scoff at their young female fans.  Even before reading it, though, I’ve heard many people elude to it: musicians having young female fans takes away some sort of credibility.  I even accepted this to be true as a teen girl myself, while listening to a song on repeat for hours, obsessing over every word and its possible meaning, and becoming entwined with the music and personal life of the artist.  It seemed that any musician on a poster in my room instantly and undoubtedly became laughable.  

But why?  

Is it because young women have bad taste- selecting many stars before their time and shaping the industry?

Is it because they aren’t good fans- buying every t-shirt and album and expensive concert ticket?  Standing by the artist when the media rips them apart and proclaiming their love on every social media site that allows it?

Is it because they are impressionable- not yet so stubborn in their ways that they are still open to new experiences and change?  

Young girls are the life blood of the industry. When many have become ‘too cool’ to show emotion and are afraid to love something too loudly, young girls will still be there, pushing the industry forward and consuming music without restraint.

Many musicians feel that having young women enjoy their music cheapens them in some way.  Well, by all means, they can keep their trendy male fans who move on when their music becomes too well-liked, too ‘main stream.’  Who call them a sell out the moment they find success.  

Embrace your young female fans before it’s too late!  They are genuine and still full of life, and you will need that to survive in this competitive industry.  Go the extra mile for these girls or at least sign your autograph without a smirk on your face!  Most importantly, be humbled and grateful that this tidal wave of momentum, debatably the most powerful fan-force in the industry, has chosen YOU as the object of its affection.  Because if you don’t, I will gladly sweep away all of those beautiful young ladies who are just looking for something to pour their soul into, and I will not turn my back on them because even when the whole world laughs at their enthusiasm, they never waver.    



Yeah, Only 13 Year Old Girls Like That Band

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