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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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Easiest Ways for Independent Artists to Stay One Step Ahead of Piracy

So your band pretty much rules. You have a killer recording that you’ve dumped your blood, sweat, and bank account into. You’ve got the look and the artwork to catch some attention. You have a Facebook and a Twitter that are pretty active, but what next … ?

Technology moves fast. Just look at how up-to-date your year old cell phone is(n’t) and it should come as no surprise. Once you check your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Trello, Moodle, Pintrest and spend some time on Youtube you’re ready to go back to bed. And that’s just for the average Joe …

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Anti-piracy platform AudioLock.NET announce new deal with Defected Records

Anti-piracy specialists Audiolock.NET, who provide robust and cost effective watermarking and anti-piracy solutions to the music industry, have announced details of a new deal with the world’s leading dance music label, Defected Records. 

The deal will see Defected running their secure watermarked promo delivery and management through the platform with Audiolock also taking care of the scanning and DMCA takedown on illegal links found online once the tracks are released via their powerful automated anti-piracy system.

 Anna Wall, Promotions Manager at Defected says…. “AudioLock.NET’s watermarking, scanning and takedown platform makes it easy to manage all our promo campaigns securely and effectively allowing us to concentrate on promoting our music” 

Ben Rush, CEO of Audiolock.NET says…..”We’re thrilled that such an iconic label has adopted our forward thinking approach to anti-piracy and we look forward to helping protect their content and supporting their ongoing fight against the music pirates”   

In addition, Audiolock.NET have also unveiled a new updated version 2.0 of the platform with a host of new functionality and features.  They are inviting new users to test drive their automated scanning and takedown system for free here



How do you like your music served? Subscription, Ad-Supported, Pirated or Downloaded Legally...

I believe this year marks the advent of real change for the better within the music industry. It’s not just because the year 2010 is the start of a new decade, or that in 5 years Back to the future II thought we would all have flying cars and hover boards- which I certainly wish we had because it would be awesome. It’s that the time has come to let innovation drive the industry towards change. An industry, which typically was governed with few genuine options, will soon have a full-service customizable menu. You can stream all you want, or you can go a-la-carte.

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Is the RIAA to blame for reinforcing music piracy? 

I want to be completely upfront before you continue reading. This is my first post, and i do want to share a new technology that we launched today of which i am a co-founder. I do promise one thing, if you continue reading you will form your own opinion (whether you agree with me or disagree). However, i believe i have a radical alternative to piracy which we have been developing for the last 2 years. I believe being transparent comes first & foremost, that’s why right now, or forever hold your peace, i offer anyone not interested in reading about our new website, the opportunity to stop reading. If you’ve decided to continue reading, great. Let’s begin…  I want to make it very clear, this blog post does not touch on everything, otherwise it would be a thesis.  This is a quick deconstruction and reconstruction of how the RIAA brought down the self-inflicting hammer upon itself!

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Reverse Piracy: Pirate Your Own Music

Believe it or not, free and paid downloads can co-exist. To make it work you must have an appetite for innovation and a fearless entrepreneurial spirit. Why not revolutionize music e-commerce by placing a “Buy” button side-by-side with a “Download” button for your entire catalog of music on your website? Yes—every single song and every single album.

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