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Get the Show on the Road: 3 Ways to Finance a Tour

Dizzyjam, an online merchandising firm that caters to musicians, asked 207 bands (mostly from the U.S. and U.K.), about their financial situations. Seventy-two percent of them said they earned some money, but not near enough to live on; 23 percent lost money making music, and only 4.3 percent earned enough to live solely off their music. You already knew that making a career out of music would be difficult, but it's doable, especially for persistent bands with a decent following. Even if you don't make it big, touring the country is a priceless experience. Here are three ways to raise the necessary funds to get your tour started:


The crowdfunding industry raised $2.7 billion in 2012 and $1.5 billion in 2011, and the financial consulting firm Deloitte estimated that 2013's crowdfunding efforts would raise $3 billion total (we have yet to see exact numbers for last year). The money is there, if you put forth the effort—5,067 music-related projects were successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012, the most across all industries. In 2012, Amanda Palmer (of the alternative rock duo Dresden Dolls) raised more than $1 million via Kickstarter for her tour and record. It can be done.

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The Neighbourhood is a Band to Watch in 2013 [NEW MUSIC/SOCIAL MEDIA]

The power of social media is growing in the music industry.  Does it sell records?  In rare cases, yes, but I believe that since it’s already become a significant factor in how music is discovered, sales aren’t too far behind.  For example, my friends know my basic overall taste in music.  If they don’t, a quick look at my social media channels could easily give them a few ideas.  Charlie sends me a message saying, “What up man!?  How have you been?  I was listening to a band the other day and I thought you would enjoy them too. They are fairly new and are gaining traction quick.  I think it’s pretty good stuff.”  That personal recommendation (not a flashing message on the side of my screen or ad on Pandora) got me to open a new tab and listen to their music.  It’s not rocket science people, it’s simply quality music that does the job. When bands take the time to make good music, it will eventually find their audience.

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In the Music Industry, the Best Form of Revenge is Success

Rejection. It can sting. Whether it is a promoter or a record label who doesn’t want to give you the opportunity to shine or it is a critic who writes a bad review of your music, the reality is that sooner or later, you’re going to face rejection. How you deal with that rejection can ultimately determine your success.

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Go the Distance! Tips When You’re on the Road

I’ve created a whole series of articles filed under Tips for Touring, which you can pull up here.

I recently returned from doing a national tour myself. We crammed nearly 10,000 miles worth of driving in about 15 days. Most tours involve intense amounts of driving and they’re often done on older, less reliable vehicles. So before you undertake an ambitious series of out of town gigs of your own, it’s best to know a few things that can save you from disaster.

Here are some basic long distance driving tips when it comes to the road:

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Getting Sick on Tour: Some Eastern Medicine Remedies

Let’s face it. Touring in a band is not the best, safest, healthiest thing to do. You’re stuck in a van with people and germs abound, you’re probably not getting enough rest, and you might be drinking way too much alcohol every night. At the same time, you’re depending on your good health to have strong vocals, be able to put on a killer show, and make it home in one piece. Here are some touring tips from the East on getting quick recovery:

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Music Without Labels Live Tour 2012

At Music Without Labels & Beat-Play we know you want, and deserve, exclusive coverage of all of the best summer festivals and concerts; which is why MWL Live is embarking on journey across the United States! MWL spokesperson, Katie McVeay, and leading videographer, Shane Suski, are crossing state lines to showcase musical acts at festivals, small town concerts and everywhere in between, providing up-to-date photos, video interviews, and giving you the opportunity to interact with today’s top artists and musicians.

During Shane’s first year with MWL, he has had the opportunity to photograph over 75 artists including big names like Immortal Technique, GZA, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Young the Giant, and more! Katie McVeay started her MWL work in NYC where she interviewed numerous up-and-coming bands such as Caged Animals, Dustin Wong, The Beets and Canon Logic. In February, Katie relocated to MWL Headquarters in San Diego and has had the chance to interview talented acts such as Puscifer, Lost in the Trees, Rachael Yamagata, Talkdemonic and many more!

MWL Live will be traveling approximately 11,000 miles in 108 days featuring popular musicians at Sasquatch, Free Press, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Bumbershoot Music Festival and everywhere in between! We also know that not all of your favorite musicians are located near hub cities where their music can be properly showcased, reviewed or featured. Are you one of these artists? Do you know a great band in your location? We are reaching out to artists and fans! We want to visit you during the MWL Live Tour!

A trip like this takes funding! How much? $10,000! Right now we have $5,749 towards the project, but it’s not enough! Our Kickstarter goal of $6,000 helps cover the (high) price of gas, food, accommodations, tolls, festival fees, equipment and other expenses that we need to make the MWL Live Tour 2012 a reality!

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Little Known Tactics for Greater Touring Profits

For many independent artists organizing do-it-yourself tours, a common question  is, “How can we make more money on tour?” One of the simplest methods: by spending less. Here are some ways you can cut your expenses while on tour which leaves room for more profit.

Whether you’re planning a national, international, or regional tour the goals are the same: earn income while promoting yourself in a familiar or new territory. Reaching out to fans and connecting personally at your concerts are the keys to gaining a dedicated fan base and generating buzz around your band. Admittedly, while overall comfort plays a key role in combatting tour fatigue and  maintaining performance levels, sometimes comfort isn’t an option. If tour expenses are outweighing guarantees, try implementing some of these cost-cutting  travel techniques tailored for the DIY, self-booking independent artist. 

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