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New in MTT Open: Endorsements, Internet Radio, Relationships, Money, and Virtual Tours

How to Get Endorsements or Sponsors for your band, tour, record, etc.

Simon Tam explains the approach that artists should take to get endorsements and sponsors. Artists need to create opportunities by initiating contact in a unique way. Artists need to focus on how they can provide value to the company instead of the other way around. To start, artists can contact companies with less competition such as local businesses that may be more likely to become a sponsor. 

“It’s about creating a lasting relationship where you can build an audience together with that company.” (Read On)

Internet Radio Is the Future…Duh

Charles Hill writes about his rant on recent articles that he finds obvious. 

“I run across articles with titles like “Internet Radio is the Future”. This cracks me up. Its like writing a book on the fact that the sky is blue.” (Read On)

Relationships Are The New Distribution

Greg Bates discusses one aspect of the 4 P’s of Marketing: Place. Most artists think that their distribution is taken care of by putting their music on iTunes or Bandcamp, but distribution is made up of the quality of your relationships. Artists need to build relationships with fans and reach out to other bands, businesses, etc. to collaborate on projects.

“Every fan, blogger, DJ, promoter, or any other variety of human that you come into contact with is a potential distribution point for your music. The more they like you and your music, the likelier they are to talk about and spread it on a regular basis.”(Read On)

There is no money in the music industry: Are we all in it for the money though!?

Shea Warnes writes about the lack of money in the music industry. His opinion is that the industry lacks entrepreneurial intelligence. He thinks that this is an exciting time in music and the possibilities are endless.

“I am excited for music. This is a new era with more possibilities and opportunities than ever!” (Read On)

The Virtual Tour, Parts II and III

Apryl Peredo gives advice on how to promote your music by going on a virtual tour. A virtual tour is a collection of different types of blogs and web posts on different websites and blogs that promote your music. By using this method, artists can expand their reach to potential fans that are not aware of the artists’ music. When choosing a website or blog to host a tour, artists should find a strong online community and readership interested in their music. The websites do not have to be music-related and can be focused on other topics such as gaming blogs. This method may be a good way to promote your music without spending much (if any) money.

“A new and potentially effective method of increasing the recognition of your music, influencing new listeners and spreading the awareness of you, as a band or musician, is to set up a virtual tour.” (Read On)

Natalie Cheng is the intern at Music Think Tank.

Reader Comments (2)

Couldn't agree more! Well done Natalie, a great blog with excellent thinking. I especially love
the idea that Relationships are the new Distribution and the idea of going on virtual tour. With so many social media channels & live streaming fans can get a realistic, interactive relationship going with the band. While I still believe passionately in the Live Music experience, small to medium sized bands have a real opportunity to make a living from their music. A great read, many thanks

Sally Jackson Freeman

Very interesting and informative. I've earmarked time this December to devote to the cause of online promotion, having started a band called the Pink Monkeys. I'm always on the lookout for new ways and ideas to promote, and this is surely the way to go. Thanks a lot for that, it's exciting to think of the new possibilities opening up for indie musicians.

Please check out my musician page on Facebook under Andrew Kay for Pink Monkeys tracks (demos) for an upcoming album to be entitled Do Not Feed. Also check out my album entitled Peace and Love on my website For an industrial/dance rush, check out the Tardishead musicians page on Facebook for some monster dance tunes.

November 26 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Kay

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