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Top Gear for DJs

Every musician has a certain style and preference, and for DJs, being different is what it’s going to take to make you stand out in the industry. One way an artist does this is by using and discovering new gear. Gear not only increases productivity but also can add new elements to your sound. Here’s some of the most innovative equipment for DJs to look out for.

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Music On The Floor: 5 Things To Do Before Your First DJ Gig

As an aspiring DJ preparing for your first gig, it’s a given you’ve got sweaty palms and a racing heart. Even though all eyes are on you, you know you’ve got plenty of great music that will get everyone dancing for hours. However, there are several things that must be done to guarantee success. If you’re a beginning DJ and want to make sure your first gig is one to remember, here’s how you can make it happen.

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The Art of DJing | Getting Into The Hobby

For many musicians music is a way of life, but for aspiring DJs music can be more than just that: Music is an obsession. 

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