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The Proven Formula For Achieving Music Business Success

The Proven Formula For Achieving Music Business Success

By Tom Hess

You are likely to struggle in your music career when you don’t follow a proven formula for success. Musicians who reach their goals faster than everyone else follow one formula in particular.

The formula successful musicians follow to achieve the highest levels of success is this:

V*P-R = potential for success.

V = value

P = proof of that value

R = risk

You want to maximize your value and ability to prove it. You also want to minimize the risk you carry to any company/band opportunity. Here are just a few ways to do it:

Learning How The Music Business Works From An Expert

A massively successful music career is not built entirely on your own. Working together with a mentor helps you understand how the music business really works. This is the easiest way to learn how to add value and reduce risk when working with others. A mentor also helps you understand the correct strategies to use for achieving your music career goals faster than you ever could on your own.

Growing A Large Database Of Your Fans

People in the music industry are always looking to see that you have a great work ethic and tons of motivation to achieve success before they agree to work together. When you take the time to grow a big database of your fans it shows you have both of these qualities because you have 1) worked hard to convince people to follow what you are doing and look forward to your projects 2) worked hard on your own to grow your career. When you have a very large database you add tons of value and minimize the risk it takes to work with you in the eyes of others.

Develop The Mindset Of A Successful Musician

You are much more likely to create risk for other people when you don’t think in the same way as successful musicians. When you develop the correct mindset, you avoid doing things that harm your music career like self-sabotaging or passing up on opportunities that would add to your personal value and grow your career. Working together with a mentor helps you understand the correct mindset that is needed so you can make yourself extremely valuable to others in the industry (and understand how to get the most from this value).

When you offer tons of value to others in the music industry, you put yourself ahead of anyone else competing for the same goals you have. Find out more on why overcoming the competition is simple by reading this music industry success advice.


Tom Hess is a recording artist, composer and a touring musician. Tom is also a professional music career mentor and coach to many musicians from all different countries around the world. In his music business training program, he has helped musicians make a lot of money with music and fulfill their dreams of being able to work in the music business.

The Proven Formula For Music Industry Success

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