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The Top Five Reasons Having An EPK Is Important

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We are beyond the era of sending physical copies of music, photos, and mail to promoters but having a press kit is still vital in making musicians stand out.

Now artists are able to accomplish more in the digital world with electric press kits. Here are the top five reasons having an EPK is important.

Promotional Tool

I don’t know how many times venues, promoters, magazines, etc. have asked me for a press kit to review. If you don’t have a press kit, you’re toast. Not the good kind either.

Having an EPK can benefit artists greatly because they offer a great piece to send to anyone you’re interested in working with.


An EPK is a musician’s resume. It embodies all the accomplishments, music and attitude of the artists in one easily traveled package which will resonate well with the people reviewing it. EPKs create an image for you.

They’re affordable

EPKs are affordable. Here at Symphonic, we offer an array of EPK packages that can help set artists apart, one of which being our artist EPK for the affordable price of $75!

That’s something every level of musician can afford and should invest in.

Highlight your accomplishments

Short and to the point, EPKs show how many fans you have on your social media, how many plays you have, etc.

Show your level of grind

Show all your past and upcoming shows in an EPK to show that you are a current musician that continues to work hard!

EPKs are handy tools that have proven their importance in the music industry and these top five reasons why EPKs are important are only a few! Get an EPK started today to help you stand out in your music scene.

The Top Five Reasons Having An EPK Is Important

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