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Why Uploading Your Music Online Doesn’t Get You Tons Of New Fans

Gaining tons of people to hear your music takes more than just uploading it to common music websites. Here is what you should do in addition to this:

The first thing to do is know that there is much more to getting new music fans that just putting your songs on a website online and waiting for people to check them out. This is one of the most frequent methods musicians use, and it isn’t very effective.

Growing a fan base is about not only getting people to listen to your music but gaining their e-mail address and other contact information so you can easily update them about what is going on in your career. Having a database full of your fan’s contact information is crucial for getting them to notice when you release something new. Without this, some of your fans won’t even know and may never bother to look for your music again.

Get your fans’ contact info by creating a website specifically for your band/music (not by just making a Facebook page or uploading to a website like Soundcloud). Then come up with something special and interesting to offer them and create newsletter where they can get it by signing up using their contact info. This gives a strong reason to exchange this info with you rather than you just asking for it.

Once you’ve grown a large database of your fans, you now possess the ability to direct them to your new albums, merchandise or any other products you want them to check out. This makes it much easier to earn a living through music. Plus, having a database like this shows other people who work in the music industry that you are serious about what you do. This increases your value in their eyes and gives them incentive to want to do business with you in the future.

Of course, this is just ONE basic approach to help you begin creating a larger fan base for your music. There countless others and working with an experienced music career mentor is the best way to quickly get more fans using a variety of other approaches.

Interested in learning about other methods for growing a fan base? Read this free music career advice to learn some unique ideas for promoting your music and gaining more fans.


About The Author:

Tom Hess is a touring guitarist, composer and a mentor to musicians. Tom also trains musicians internationally on how to get into the music industry. Visit to get free music business tips and music career resources.

Why Uploading Your Music Online Doesn’t Get You Tons Of New Fans

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