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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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5 Steps To Get Your Followers To Listen To Your Music

If you have a Twitter account and work in the music industry, the likelihood is that you’ve been the victim of Twitter spam, where an artists/band invades your mentions with a copy and pasted message in the hopes that you’ll check out their new song/video/project. This promotional method is usually ineffective and time-consuming. This guide will show you five simple steps you can take to get your Twitter followers to listen to your music.

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My Fans First Experiment

“I assume that there are 50,000 people on Earth that have heard of me before, 20,000 that can name one of my songs and maybe 100 people alive today who are genuine fans of mine who love what I do.  I want to spend all my time serving those 100 people” -Rob Jay

As an artist I’ve spent a sizeable amount of my time focusing on marketing myself.  I focused on making sure I was in the right blog, the right publication, followed the  right people on all of the various social networks.  I’d say at my peak of online promotion during my career I probably spent more time sending my music to blog sites than I did writing, recording, rehearsing and networking offline combined.  This was mid 2009, I was one of the first hip hop artists in Houston to embrace the idea of using blogs to introduce my music.  Back then it meant something to say that you had been featured in a nationally know hip hop blog.  Not to the people who count but to other rappers you could stick your chest out a little bit.  Fast forward 18 months or so and now there’s some free clothes, maybe some free bottles and some free beats, cool……….But guess what, there’s still only 40 people at my show.  I’m being featured in these national websites, Armed Forces Entertainment just spent $80,000 to send me overseas to perform for troops and in my home town I’m pulling 40 people on a great night.

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7 Tips For Maintaining Relationships In The Music Business

In my dealings and conversations with successful artists, managers, labels, and other industry workers, it has become abundantly clear that increasing your chance of success can be done by embracing two very simple concepts: create great music, and develop great relationships.

Unfortunately, the second half of that equation is sometimes (mis)labeled as simply ‘who you know,’ which implies that an existing connection is required in order to succeed. Sure, having an uncle that works for a label, or having a friend from high school who is now the guitar tech for Coldplay can help, but that’s rare. Those who have succeeded have done so by working hard at developing, and maintaining, great relationships with those they work with.

Here are some tips for developing contacts with meaning:

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