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Nov042013 | October's Most Popular Posts takes great pride in being a renowned resource for all who comprise today’s music industry. We appreciate the conversations you start, the advice you share, the projects you promote, and the feedback you share and we want to encourage your continued efforts.

Thanks to our loyal readers and contributors, October was a great month for - so today, we’d like to share that success with you by highlighting October’s most popular posts. On behalf of, thank you for your support. We enjoy providing a unique platform where the music industry really can think out loud!

Laura Schneider, Community Manager

34,708   MTT (Journal)
4,685   MTT - 49 Ways to Get Free Music Promotion (Journal Entry)
4,606   MTT Open - 10 Awesome Independent Record Labels [LIST] (Journal Entry)
3,967   MTT - A&R Tips: The Art Of The Press Kit (Journal Entry)
3,755   MTT - Top 10 Rules For Better Songwriting (Journal Entry)
3,736   MTT Open - How to Get Endorsements or Sponsors for your band, tour, record, etc. (Journal Entry)
3,363   MTT Radio (Journal)
3,319   MTT - How to Find A Music Manager (Journal Entry)
3,209   MTT Open (Journal)
3,201   MTT - Digital vs. Vinyl: Where It Makes A Difference (Journal Entry)
2,804   MTT - Why Buying Followers is a Bad Idea (Journal Entry)
2,699   MTT - How to Get a Booking Agent to Book Your Band (Journal Entry)
2,664   MTT - A Sample Music Business Plan (Journal Entry)
2,631   MTT - The Future of Music Marketing: Direct-to-Device (Journal Entry)
2,610   MTT - How To Succeed In The Music Industry On Your Terms (Journal Entry)
2,581   MTT - Apps Are The Future of Music (Journal Entry)
2,565   MTT - How to Score the Next BIG Hit: 5 Marketing Tips From Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” (Journal Entry)
2,515   MTT - 5 Easy SoundCloud Music Promotion Tips (Journal Entry)
2,439   Login (Login Prompt)
2,417   MTT - How To Make It In The Music Industry - 4 Key Factors (Journal Entry)
2,332   MTT Open - How to Write a Bio that Doesn’t Suck! (Journal Entry)
2,235   MTT - Online Band Marketing & Social Networking Crash Course (Journal Entry)
2,182   MTT - 7 Music Marketing Truths ALL Musicians Should Know (Journal Entry)
1,914   MTT - 11 Reasons Why Your Music Self-Promotion Isn’t Working (Journal Entry)
1,859   MTT - The 4 Best iPad Apps That Can Make You A Better Musician (Journal Entry)
1,801   MTT - Value Added Streaming (Journal Entry)
1,729   MTT Open - 25 Social Media Resources For Musicians (Journal Entry)
1,713   MTT - 5 Vital Features for Your Band Website (Journal Entry)
1,709   MTT Open - Top tips for building a reliable music production PC (Journal Entry)
1,618   MTT - How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs: Finding the Best Blogs for Your Music (Journal Entry)
1,532   MTT - Promotion for the Independent Musician (Journal Entry)
1,518   MTT Open - Top 9 Tax Tips for Musicians (Journal Entry)
1,472   MTT - 12 Powerful Quotes That Could Change The Way You’re Promoting Your Music (Journal Entry)
1,436   not used - Original 15.4 inch WXGA Glossy LCD Panels - Discount Bulk Broker (Journal Entry)
1,423   MTT Open - Indie Vs. Major: Which Record Label Contract Is Right For You? (Journal Entry)
1,408   MTT - How To Sell Your Music On iTunes - The Important Facts Some Leave Out (Journal Entry)

  | October's Most Popular Posts

Reader Comments (1)

Thanks Laura,

It's great that some of the posts on MTT Open are so popular. When we started MTT, the plan was to move POPULAR posts from MTT Open to the front of the site (the MTT Blog) so that subscribers to the primary blog could benefit from these posts.

There's an 'organize' SquareSpace function on every post that will enable you to easily move these posts. Alternatively, you could put summaries of popular MTT Open posts into a weekly post that hits the front of the site (this may be better).

November 4 | Registered CommenterBruce Warila

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