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Sell-Out Shows With Gigantic’s Five Tips To Master Social

With hundreds of shows on sale weekly and 3.5 million tickets sold in the last five years, Gigantic is one of the UK’s best-known independent ticketing agencies, selling tickets to big events such as Ed Sheeran, Reading & Leeds and Download Festival.

Driving ticket sales through exciting social media campaigns and engaging with music fans is the responsibility of social media guru, Elizabeth Gracie. She knows exactly what it takes to sell-out shows with social.   

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7 Ways To Engage More Fans On Twitter

Have you checked out the list of 100 most popular musicians on Twitter? Twitter is all about creating a connection with the audience, and that’s exactly why it’s so valuable. 
So how do you do it? What if you’re not as famous as Lady Gaga? She has 78.4 million followers on Twitter at this point, and the level of engagement on her profile is huge. Does this mean you should make peace with the fact that you’re not popular enough to start using Twitter? Absolutely not!
Twitter can be a massive aspect of your personal branding efforts. We’ll suggest 7 ways to engage more audience on this social media platform.

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Social Media Basics: Hashtags For Artists

If you’re an artist or a band that’s new to the world of social media, hashtags may seem confusing or pointless. These little symbols are a vital way for way people communicate and digest information online. Not only are they important but they can also increase your engagement rate and followers.

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Social Monetization - How It Works

Here is the key: If you’re releasing your content without a CTA, and you want to monetize it, you’re throwing that content away. It’s like casting your bate into the ocean without a hook. Worth noting, before you get a hook, I advise that you create a great experience to bring people to and that you have your products ready to buy, but if all of that is taken care of, you absolutely need some hooks (CTAs).

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How To Upload Videos And Pictures From Your Computer To Instagram

Instagram, the most popular app for sharing photos and videos, has grown over the past 3 years, more than any of its rivals on social networks, including Twitter and Snapchat. Currently, the number of people sharing photos and videos every month through Instagram rose 300 million, at the beginning of the year and now exceeds the number of people using Twitter every month in almost 100 million. 

The application incorporates this year the possibility of uploading videos and gif, and also add some new filters, new features that have allowed to Instagram add users and some detractors, especially since they decided to add advertising to the timeline 

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Myspace Makes Resurgence For Musicians In Social Media

 Every artist wants to be noticed, and you don’t need a label anymore to do it. That also means that musicians must learn how to market themselves. The primary way people discover music these days is through the internet and the recommendations of their friends. Therefore, if you want to be noticed, you need to know where all the fans are hanging out. 

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10 Reasons You're Not Getting More Followers, And How You Can Change The Situation

Growing your following on social media is an important part of your social media strategy, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out. If you’re finding that your number of followers is just not going up, take a look at this checklist and decide if there are any holes in your strategy.

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5 Critical Things You Need Before You Start A PR Campaign

As an independent musician, a digital PR campaign can be a critical component to an overall marketing strategy that will help you to:

1. Reach new fans

2. Increase online influence

3. Create new content that can be used to continue to build strength of existing fan base through social media

4. Better understand marketplace position

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6 Big New Years Resolutions For Musicians

2014 is with us. And while there’s a good chance you’ve already made non-music related new years resolutions, have you made any related to your music? If not, today we’re going to fix that!

After my well received 2013 post (still useful today), below are 6 resolutions you can ‘borrow’ to help get your music career on track this year. Feel free to use as many or as few of them as you please. All I ask is that any you do decide to go with, stick with them for the duration.

Challenge yourself to do a few of them, but don’t pick so many that you can’t carry them all out. Ready to get going? Well here they are:

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Get Free Online Promotion From Your Very Own Digital Street Team

The street team of the past hasn’t changed all that much, only the street they’re working on. Instead of physical flyers they’re sharing and tweeting tour posters, instead of leaflets they’re sharing your Facebook,Twitter and Youtube pages.

The digital street team has more weight behind it than the old model of actually going out and speaking to people. They hold the ears of the 500 or so friends on Facebook plus the number of people following them on Twitter. That is more people than you’d ever reach on a hundred rainy Saturdays standing in the high street. Not only that but your digital street team get more than one chance to influence these people.

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