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Do You Know Who's Reading Your Music Blog?

Guest post by James Shotwell. This article originally appeared on Haulix

Building and retaining your audience begins with understanding who is clicking on your site.

Search the name of virtually any artist or group on social media, and you are bound to find people discussing that act. Opinions on music are a dime a dozen, and when it comes to bands, everyone already knows their value is worth even less that. Young music writers around the globe cut corners on a daily basis to be among the first to cover the latest news about the biggest acts in their area of interest. It doesn’t matter if their site has few to no visitors or if much larger publications beat them to the punch, they want to ensure that their readers learn the latest breaking news directly from them.

But who is the audience for the average blog, and who visits websites for news before scrolling social media?

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We Are Asking For Your Submissions was built as platform for artists to share their opinions, ideas and best practices in both the current and future music industry

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8 Things Artists Do That Drive Music Journalists Insane

This article originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog

Music journalists aren’t angry people. Really, we aren’t, but certain things artists have been known to do make us go from mild-mannered Bruce Banner to full-on Hulk smash. If you don’t want to feel the wrath of the Hulk, here are eight sins you’ll want to avoid. 

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Maintain Media Relationships Between Releases 

Are you frustrated because all the music bloggers who loved your last record seem to care less about the new one you’re releasing? After repeated attempts to contact the writer, you can’t seem to get a response no matter how hard you try.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: Your band is not the center of the journalist’s universe. Writers are often battling fast-paced deadlines, an overflow of submissions in their inboxes, and, more often than not, a full-time job with deadlines and demands of its own.

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The Tale Of The Flute And The Toothed Beast

The internet can be a cruel place.
Recently, Welsh alt-rock trio The Joy Formidable released their third full length album, ‘Hitch’. Adored for years by critics, it seemed like only a matter of time before TJF before some wanted to knock them off the pedestal their towering rhythms and melodies had allowed them to climb to. Whilst there have been mixed reviews across the board for their latest effort, one review has been thrust to the forefront of discussion, with casualties on either side.

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