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Acoustic Guitars 101: How To Pick Your First One

Picking your first Acoustic Guitar can be hard and should not be done hurriedly. There are a lot of acoustic guitars to choose from, but knowing the factors to consider before picking one will help narrow down your options. Here are some steps you should take to ensure you do not make a mistake. 

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The Scary “S” Word: Redefining Success As A Musician

Too often, our first instinct when measuring “success” is by the amount of money that’s in your bank account. One year Joe Shmo is making 30K annually, and the next year he gets a raise to 45k. Now he’s more successful, right? However, in music you’ll notice that unlike most other professional fields, “success” is a far more intangible and complicated concept to measure.

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Promotion for the Independent Musician

In a market saturated with the music of aspiring musicians and already well established acts it can be difficult for new acts to gain exposure. This begs the question, how does an artist stand out and get heard over the masses of music uploaded to the web each day? This guide was written as a follow-up of sorts to our blog “treating your band as a business” and also ties in with our online marketing crash course. The article will be split into two sections: the first pertaining to more traditional “physical” promotion techniques and the second focused on marketing your music online to listeners around the globe.

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May042013 Weekly Recap: How Often Should You Play? 6 Drawbacks to Playing More Shows


Cyber PR® Presents: Musician’s Guide To Mobile [Free White Paper]

Do you consider yourself mobile-savvy?
I’m not just talking about texting (although that’s important!).
I’m talking about using your smartphone to tap into and enhance your online presence while being up-to-date on all of the cool apps to make your life a little easier. If you could use a little help understanding the magic of mobile, then this guide is for you! Here are some interesting mobile statistics to keep in mind:

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