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And the award goes to…….

Celebrating the small wins

All artists want to be recognized for their craft/art. And recognition can come in many forms. The main forms of recognition, that artists often go after, generally falls under the categories of awards, high sales, popular media exposure, and other opportunities/offers within the entertainment industry. However, some artists will not get these on large scales.  If you find yourself in the latter scenario then don’t hesitate to celebrate the small wins/recognitions. Since the world isn’t making a big deal about it….YOU should make a big deal about it. Get people involved and get them to care about what you’ve accomplished. Hey you worked hard to earn it….why not brag about it?!?!

There are a lot of small time media outlets available to gain exposure to their audience as well as give your audience a chance to see you beyond the twitter posts and YouTube videos. Shop your upcoming projects and/or media pitches to these outlets. They are looking for fresh content to get their readers engaged so take advantage of that. The more media outlets you gain rather it be regional or national the greater chances you have to the exposure you are looking for.

The Grammys, and the American Music awards aren’t the only organizations showing musicians recognitions for their great works. Look to gain the attention of all musical associations to get on their radar so that you too can be considered for their next award nomination.

Once you have these in hand, PROMOTE THEM! Don’t think just because the media outlet isn’t flying off the shelves or getting over 1 million hits online, that people won’t pay attention to them. A lot of small time media outlets have a great following.  Any award nominations or recognitions you receive use them within your media pitches as well.

Any accomplishment you receive throughout your career should not be taken lightly. Be proud of them and let everyone know just how well you are doing. Now go BRAG ABOUT IT!!!!


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