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Is The Digital Transition The Record Industry’s Way Back to Revenue Growth?

Now that year 2015 is over, it’s report & studies high time. For starters, Nielsen just put out its “U.S. Music Year-End Report” which focuses on three keys facts: sales are going down, streaming is going off the roof, Adele’s “25” has been breaking all records. [1]
But yet overall revenue fails to grow.

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Why I Choose To Wait (To Release New Music, That Is)

I released ‘I’m Fine’ back in March and it was very positively received, to my delight. I released the song under my label Twin State Recordings, a label that was started through the music business course in the Music Production and Businss online diploma programme offered by Point Blank, London. So in fact, releasing the song was for a project that had everything to do with learning about music business and testing music strategies. I must say I’m very grateful for that project and to my tutor, Steve Hillier, for the push that I needed to really start promoting myself and my music since I changed my name to ‘Kattronique’ two years ago. But nevertheless, if it were up to me, I would have still chosen to wait, and up to now I still feel that way.

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What Are the Biggest Music Markets Today?

Article covers trends in music sales circa 2012 and beyond.

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Number Ten with a Bullet...Metallica?

People are still buying plenty of rock albums, these just happen to be 20, 30, and 40 year old releases. Instead of whitewashing this fact, though, and then turning around and writing articles about the death of rock, wouldn’t it make more sense for the Billboards of the world to champion rock’s legacy?

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7 Tips to Increase your Exposure and Potential

By now it’s apparent that there is a ton of music out there – over-saturation is a term you may hear often these days. For anyone getting involved with the music industry there is always a need for more exposure and promotion. If an artist or a record label has it, they will sell better, simple as that.

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Is Indie Music Dead?

I hear all the time that music sales are dead and nobody pays for it anymore. Derek Sivers, of CD Baby fame, told me in an e-mail conversation that “the music business might end up kinda like the poetry business is today. That is: there are a few who are able to be full time poets, but nobody would get into poetry for the money.” If you had to ask me, though, I’d say there’s still hope as indie artists — we’re just not doing it right.

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The Virtual Tour, Parts II and III (OR: Keep Your Studio Slippers On!)

To successfully promote your music you need to be able to influence potential listeners from all across the web. A new and potentially effective method of increasing the recognition of your music, influencing new listeners and spreading the awareness of you, as a band or musician, is to set up a virtual tour.

In this article we look at why you should be setting up a virtual music tour, how to find blogs to host your tour and how to get the most out of the experience. In the final paragraph I share a trick that has proved to be a very powerful way of encouraging listeners to interact and leave blog comments.

What Is A Virtual Tour?

The basic structure of a virtual tour is a collection of different types of web/blog posts, hosted on a number of different sites/blogs, all promoting your band and/or music. A simple example: the tour might be six different blogs to each post about your band/music, each posting on six consecutive days. Another example might be four different blogs, one standard website, and an announced and date specified new video post on your youtube channel, over a one week period.

The idea behind a virtual tour is that the musician/band has a chance to influenc

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Yimup powers independent artists from all over the world to set up their own online music business. 

Yimup, ( a music industry technology company has launched a new service called “Yimup Music Platform”, which is notable in that it lets independent artists from all over the world to sell music directly to their fans from their own web music distribution platform, rather than linking through to third-party retailers.

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Is Physical Distribution Worth It for Indies?

Updated on October 7, 2009 by Registered CommenterScott Olson

The slow death of record stores and the increased opportunity afforded to emerging artists are two stories that we have all become familiar with. Distributors of CD’s have no doubt fallen on hard times as well. Given the cost of distribution, and the fact that record stores are disappearing from the map, does it make sense for Indie artists and labels to consider getting a traditional distribution deal as a major goal? 

Existing retailers are getting more exclusive. Rising “music retailers” Wal-Mart and Best Buy only stock that which they know will sell millions.  And in place of an increasingly bland music retail scene, artists are making it easier to get their music from them directly (or at least by buying their CD of amazon).

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We're All Sales People. What's Your Style?

You may not identify yourself as a salesperson, but rest assured you’re doing some selling. Whether it’s selling tickets, selling downloads or selling your drummer on the idea that he needs to start taking showers - you are in the business of selling.

The approach that you take says a lot about how you view the world. What you believe about yourself, your product and the people who you are selling to, will determine your level of fulfillment and success.

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