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Fail To Succeed And Stop Rushing Your Music!

Why is it so many talented artists don’t see the light? Why do so many artists release so much music without thought or learning more of what is required outside of the music.

As mentioned in various music tips on Music Talks I still fail to see so many artists not taking up opportunities to learn. Instead, they are releasing one single, EP or Album after another in the hope it sticks. 

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40 Ways Bands Can Use Social Media To Increase Engagement At Shows

If you’re a musician, you’re probably using social media in some way to promote your music, invite people to shows, and stay in touch with your fans. We do this so often, we end up going through the motions of engagement without thinking about how the activity affects our SMARTER goals or how we can apply some more creativity to these tools.

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Less Is More: Why You Should Pitch Your Music To Fewer Publications

This article appeared first in Sonicbids. 

Logic dictates that the more music bloggers you reach out to about your band, the more coverage you’ll receive.

Not necessarily.

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