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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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Purify Media Launches Company Directly Links Artists and Fans Through Ad-free Platform

Purify Media announced the release of, an ad-free service directly connecting artists and fans. A first of its kind, enables artists and fans to find and promote music, images and video on one platform, maximizing the revenue artists and companies receive for sharing and selling content while providing viewers one affordable, complete, and interactive online service.

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Indie Artists: Buying Success

Indie acts need help. They have the talent but find marketing music difficult. Being a musician, with the internet now being a major highway to the masses, means spending lots of time trying to understand what is required to get your name out.

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"The Internet As A Platform For Musicians"

During my last semesters at university I started to work on the relationship between music and technology (you can take a look at my blog about Media & Technologies:

My thesis “The Internet as a platform for musicians” (it can be found at: focused on how technological innovation have shaped (and still shaping) the music world.

For this work I gathered reading material such as books, magazines, online articles, etc and I had the chance to interview ( mainly by e-mail) musicians from the US, from UK and from Switzerland. There were independent musicians, soundtrack composers & producers, radio show host and other people involved in the music business.

The project is divided in 4 sections:

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Can You Predict A Hit? The 21st Century A&R Answer

On Saturday, Bob Lefsetz asked this question in his post located here.

I have dedicated the past 10 years (of my 20 in this business) to precisely this question - or as I ask it now, “How can we make the A&R process more efficient and more accurate?”

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TrueDIY Tech: How To Build Your Own Subkick™

Welcome to the first installment of TrueDIY Tech! In this do-it-yourself technology series, we will be providing details on how to create your own tools in the studio and explaining the most commonly practiced studio techniques. We’ll also be reviewing new equipment that is priced for aspiring engineers and how to use it to best suit your project.

In the video below, Chris Thomas of Strewnshank Productions explains how to build your own Subkick™ featuring audio examples showing the difference in a drum sound with and without the speaker microphone mixed in.

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BandPages Turn Facebook into a Viable Home for Musicians

RootMusic is proud to announce the launch of BandPage Plus, an extended version of the BandPage Basic tool that launched last month with great success. BandPage Plus enables bands to personalize their BandPage so the look and feel of their Facebook presence matches their music and individual style. By utilizing BandPage Plus musicians can easily create a fan page that includes the option to upload a custom banner and edit the background and text colors via a simple visual editor.

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Put a Ring on her Finger- The Social Web & Music Marketing are Married  

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and technology is the cattle driver of the modern world taking us all to magnificent new lands. Innovation is changing the way we live our lives on what seems like a daily basis. The landscape for which/where/how we do business is in constant motion. The challenge is no longer ‘how do we get there’ its ‘teach me how to drive.’ I am a heavy enthusiast for the marriage between tech and business.

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Creation Over Promotion

Every independent artist in today’s music business has the same question. When will the right person hear my music? The problem with this way of thinking is the fact that you have now set your focus on pleasing someone that could ‘potentially’ help you out, rather than focusing on the creation and production of new music. Musicians are supposed to create new music to stimulate the fans interest, but in today’s market every band and record label has the focus set towards publicizing the already created music.

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