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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.


Is The Digital Transition The Record Industry’s Way Back to Revenue Growth?

Now that year 2015 is over, it’s report & studies high time. For starters, Nielsen just put out its “U.S. Music Year-End Report” which focuses on three keys facts: sales are going down, streaming is going off the roof, Adele’s “25” has been breaking all records. [1]
But yet overall revenue fails to grow.

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How The Party Started: An Interactive 'Auxploration'

ow The Party Started is an interactive ‘auxploration’, it maps the past, present and future of Electronic Dance Music and shows those navigating the site a history of more than just the current phenomenon of EDM

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What's Next For Indie Artist Exposure?

Last week I covered online radio’s new royalty rate, which asks all stations to pay the same. It excludes “small webcasters” as a category that receives expensive but affordable lower rates. (I’m about to do inventory at our RadioRow and will let you know the number of dead stations which were alive pre-CRB rate change.)

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Creation From An Upright Position

As I wend my way through life things of great obviousment begin to emerge. Portents of doom encroach on my consciousness creating much flailings of futility. Awareness is the end of innocence. Aging is slow stupidity. As we shed our delusions through growth the question arises: wtf is the point?

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A Lesson From The Inaudible Sound Of The Invisible Sun

(originally published on

The Inaudible Sound of the Invisible Sun.
I sure learned a lot from that guy.

“That . . . guy?” you ask.

Yep- that what he’s called. By some, anyway. Rakalam (which somehow translates into “the inaudible sound of the invisible sun”) is a moniker that was given to legendary drummer, Bob Moses, by his spiritual guide. Although (or maybe, because) my lesson with him partly felt as though I were inside of a lost chapter from an old Carlos Castaneda book, Rakalam altered my musical and non-musical life.

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Festival Fashions: How Music Scene Style Became Mainstream

Music has always influenced fashion. Musicians are among the only people who can do, say and wear whatever they want well into adulthood. People have copied the fashions of rock stars since the dawn of rock music, but it is only recently that the normal people at concerts have also become style inspirations. Massive outdoor festivals are known to spark trends, with attendees competing to be noticed and photographed.

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Microphone Company Uses Innovative Funding Strategy

The Danish based REMIC Microphones turns the common way of designing microphones for Classical instruments upside-down. Instead of starting with designing the microphone and then fitting it to the instruments, REMIC has worked the other way around and each microphone is designed on the basic behavior of each instrument group. This way REMIC keeps the instrument in focus, designing tailored microphones for specific instrument groups.

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10 Simple Ways To Support New Music In 2016

When we started Right Chord Music in 20111 our aim was, to show the world that you don’t need to be played on Radio 1 or be signed to a major label to produce incredible music. Every day this belief is strengthened by the stunning music we receive from unsigned bands and independent artists around the world. With your help we can help promote and support even more of these unsung heroes.

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Why Should I Care? Defining Your Brand

Before you get caught up in graphics and social media and album releases and tours, you need to know what you’re trying to advertise. Defining and developing your brand is vital to pretty much any project, and it’s often a step people skip or take for granted. Take a second and ask yourself, Why Should I Care?

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Bidding On Music: 3 Things You Need To Know About Copyright Law

Both artists and consumers alike have to worry about copyright laws.  If you’re the creator of a song or score, you want to ensure that your work is legally protected when you place it online for the world to listen to. If you’re a consumer who wants to use the music in a project, such as a movie, short film or even a simple vlog on YouTube, copyright laws can make or break you. If you aren’t sure about the ownership status of a song or composition and use it in something that you later publish without permission, even by citing the original creator, you can find yourself facing serious legal consequences.

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One Of The Most Listened To Women In Podcasting

Traci Snowe is one of the most listened to women in podcasting. She is the co-host of the popular podcast, The Business Side of Music. Along with her host, Tom Sabella, she shares her insights on the music business to help other musicians avoid the mistakes that she made in her career. Traci’s understanding of the music business, world travels, and command of several languages, makes her a very savvy business person.

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Launch Of Funnel Music Redefines Industry: Part 1

Pioneering British music concept, Funnel Music, is redefining the global music industry with the launch of a cutting-edge new generation music business and brand on November 24.  Funnel is NOT a label or a publisher in the traditional sense, it’s a music ‘incubator’ and will fuse the traditional terrestrial approach with cutting-edge digital gamified methods to enable global reach.

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Becoming A Six Figure Artist Part 1

What I’m going to show you isn’t for everyone.  It does take some work to set up.  But if you are willing to make a few phone calls, this will allow you to reach more people with your music and make a bigger difference. 

It comes down to three main things:

  • Filling your studio
  • Filling your gigs
  • A magic ingredient that I will tell you about later.

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Why It's Important To Develop Your Strengths If You Want To Grow As Musician

Yesterday I saw a great quote:
“Success is achieved by developing your strengths, not by eliminating your weaknesses.”
It’s from Marilyn vos Savant. She’s known for having the highest IQ.

Think about it. It sounds quite logical. Weaknesses can be distracting. Eliminating your weaknesses is like eliminating the weed around a young tree. By eliminating your weaknesses, you eliminate some of the distractions that prevent you to focus on your goal, like growing your career as musician.

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